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Thread: FAC Interview

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    FAC Interview

    Hey there guys, I've got my FAC interview next week, I am going to be asking for my ticket to be open, for everything up to my and including my .243. I've been shooting for quite a few years both military rifle, target and shotgun. Have you chaps got any suggestions for me.

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    just ask your FEO if they can now open it up for you
    it's as simple as that

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    Do you think that will work for me ? I have a Rimfire at the moment ( CZ 17 MHR ). I should be haveing a vist soon for my Centre Fire ticket off the FEO, put down for Deer Stalking and Fox......


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    Had my ticket open from the start for .22 and .243, at the inerview I was well prepared with a sort of resumee (spelling?) of all my previous experience going way back so I was able to run through that with the guy, particularly if you have been stalking accompanied recently.I had a diary which had all the trips I had taken out with my friend/mentor which included a write up of stalk,shot taken,species etc, he barely looked at it but the fact I had taken the trouble was proof enough for him and I gues showed that extra bit of responsabilty.
    What also helped was having written permission from more than just the one farmer required for the FAC, a couple of the other places were out of county and not cleared for centrefir but on discussion with the guy and showing him all the places on a map he decided it would be fine as it would be so much trouble to get each bit cleared for each rifle.
    My 10 year old son knew how important the visit was and made us a both cup of tea, he's never made another one before or since! So perhaps having well trained kids helps.
    The main factor though I'm afraid is what your county is like, it's a bit of a lottery, I'm 1 mile inside Wiltshire , if I'd been in Hampshire no way.
    Hope this helps , let us know how you get on.

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    Some people have problems with first time full bore rifles for stalking, can you provide a positive need for one, do you have any experience or DC 1, some people are mentored, depends on your area or CPO views, which is wrong, however he has the power to impose some restrictions which other areas don't. My stalking mate has a .375 unrestricted rifle for use on deer, other SD members who want one for Africa as he did can't get one or are not allowed to use SP in the UK or only on a range. Time every constabulary in the UK sang from the same hymn sheet and we all knew where we stand, in the wake of the recent event it could make CPOs even more jittery where firearms are concerned, hope it goes well for you. deerwarden.
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    Be honest with Him/Her tell them the certificate with its current restrictions is restricting your ability to further your knowledge in Deer Stalking, or other shooting related pastimes requiring your firearms to be utilized , that you have had invitations to travel to other areas, to Stalk, Lamp etc but have been unable to, as this would be breaking the conditions on the certificate , that you wish to keep things above board staying within the bounds of the law, that the restrictions are untenable in there present form , to have the use of the weapons in your position at this time .

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    Thanks guys ( dont mean to steal the thread ), it took me nearly 8 mths for my SG/FAC/ first time round. I have a mate who stalks and he has all so said dont ask dont get, i have done some range shooting with the ATC ( im an adult SGT with the Cadets ) SA 80s single fire stuff, so have some knowlege of range safety. I am hopeing to get permission off a mate in work to shoot on his farm in the Cwmbran area later on in the year if things go ok. So fingers crossed...........


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekit View Post
    I am hopeing to get permission off a mate in work to shoot on his farm in the Cwmbran area later on in the year if things go ok. So fingers crossed...........
    Have you already got somewhere to shoot over that will have the species you are putting down to shoot to provide the 'good reason' for your application? Or are you relying on bought stalking etc.? The more you can put forward to make your case the more it will help.

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    Well chaps, had the interview yesterday afternoon, not sure at all how it went.. Seemed a little bit hit and miss to me.

    Told that there was no chance of having an open ticket first off, didnt matter what argument that I used flat no. Never mind I shall just have to bid by time and wait. He did say that they wanted proof of DSC1 before issueing the cert for a .243, but on the upside no clauses for mentoring or the like. Glad to see that they see that the onus is on the certificate holder for safety rather than a third party. Now just have to wait and see what turns up in the post. Luckily have got my DSC booked for next week so with any luck should get a pass and have the .243 straight off.

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    they cant hold back on your 243 if you aint got your lvl1,have a word with BASC and they will point you in the right direction.
    as far as im aware it is not a condition for your FAC.

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