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Thread: Anyone got any tips for stalking red stags (woodland)

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    Anyone got any tips for stalking red stags (woodland)

    Hi can anyone sugest the prefered method for stalking red stags, would it be better to sit in the high seat and wait or go out and look for them?
    What are your views on this?
    regards paul

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    Hi Paul,

    I'm not a huge fan of the high seat, although I know they yield good results.

    I've only been wodland stalking for reds a handfull of times, in a woodland with varied landscapes and terrains, with several rides passing through. For me I always enjoy the walk and the stalk. The high seat is almost a last resort.

    Arguably you could find yourself in a woodland, using rides, worn paths, open floor when you are presented with a stag grazing at the far end of a ride with plenty of scope for a stalk. Or you could be faced with dense woodland with no reasonable way of walking without alerting all and sundry to your presence before getting within view of the stags, or anything for that matter.

    I would say that it will depend totally on the woodland in question.

    This message is actually of no help to you at all... but I've typed it now. So I'll post it!

    Enjoy whatever you decide to do Paul.


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    I used to have a peace of fairly thick woodland with Reds in. For two years I tried stalking them and never managed to spot on! The only way I managed to see one was when I put a high seat in and was very patient.

    Like DC I am not a massive fan of high seat preferring the skill of the stalk but needs must. Reds have such a sense of smell and hearing they always seemed to see me before I saw them.

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    Reds in woodland are 90% luck and 10% skill IMHO. Clearfell is best but if you dont have any it must be woodland edges.

    Get above them and wait. I have had reds scraping and grunting 50m in front of me within rides and by the time I got gloves off (minus 6 at the time) and rifle of shoulder and bulter creeks up, it was gone. Spent a year in a syndicate with very little in clear areas but plenty of reds and saw loads , bagged one. Others took wads of surrounding farmland, so I befriended some local farmers :-)

    Aniseed oil at a strategic point can work occasionally. but you must be upwind always (OBV) or clear an area to promote new growth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieseldan View Post
    Reds in woodland are 90% luck and 10% skill IMHO.


    My skill rate is through the roof then!!

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    see them before they see you!

    Depends on what you looking at achieving. If its a one off stalk then do as you most enjoy. If you have aquired land with reds on and you need to manage them then you may need to choose the more effective method as oppossed to the one you most enjoy. I would say the high seat would be most effective but it would depend on the lay of the land
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    Used to have a 12,500 acre lease in Scotland with two forests on it with Reds and Sika in abundant numbers. The best time to stalk reds in a forest is during the rut. As a rule I had to be on the edge of the forest before the light came up, and you could mark them down as long as they carried on roaring.

    As both woods were on two opposite hills with the river blackwater running through the middle you had two beats to choose from. Providing they roared on and off you can stalk them and mark them down. However it really depends on how well you know your ground, and the wind is the biggest problem.

    Whatever you do always try and keep above them, that way any scent will hopefully blow over them if indeed it changes, which it frequently does in woodland. It didnt work everytime, but I can recall many stags I have taken with clients over the years where it did work, and to me it is one of the most exciting forms of stalking.



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    Thank you for the tips, i am off tonight for a couple of days, so fingers crossed. I will let you know how i get on.


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    its luck mate just wait till rut and call em in if your new to area, or if your seeing them all time and know their haunts be in position hour before sun rise and glass every nook & cranny as more than likely they will be lying out
    Quote Originally Posted by Knifeman View Post
    Hi can anyone sugest the prefered method for stalking red stags, would it be better to sit in the high seat and wait or go out and look for them?
    What are your views on this?
    regards paul

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    I have been stalking some forestry Reds for the last year, and what I have found to be true is that patience is the key. I have tried stalking the rides and clearings but have seen very little that way. The route to success is to find a vantage point overlooking a favoured area (may well be from a high seat) and wait it out, so long waits are unfortunately all part of the game. One tip I was told was to be on the ground and in position in the dark to try and intercept the deer as they come in off open ground as it gets light. Do not honestly know how true this is because whenever I see the deer they are coming out from cover to feed in the open once the sun is up!

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