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Thread: Bestwicks bought out

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    Bestwicks bought out

    Bestwicks Wild game have been bought over by Highland Game.

    Folk will no doubt be contacted over the coming weeks.

    Braehaed Foods of Kilmarnock are picking up for Highland Game in the central belt of Scotland, although it is unclear if they are to allow for "dropping off" at the door yet.
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    Thats bad news! no competition, the price of venison will drop like a stone!!

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    Well it cant drop any more there are a few people already dealing with it them selves. I have spoke to christian and he assures me that the price will improve but he dose wnat standards to rise also.

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    I dont know if it will.

    Richard Townsend at Yorkshire game will drive a hard game keeping the price healthy in my opinion.
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    hope galloway smoke house dont hear about this..

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    Heard this was in the pipeline a few weeks ago, I have never dealt with Highland Game but have been led to believe they are quite severe in their grading of carcases.

    Does anyone know if this is a complete buy out of Bestwick's operation or only the Scottish branches.

    Does not leave us north of the border with many options now.

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    Just had letter from Bestwick's this morning, to say that Highland Game will be in touch regarding collection, don't know if there will be a drop of point as yet, can't see them keeping the Perth branch open when they are based in Dundee.

    Collection is not an option for me as although I live only 40 miles from Perth a great deal of my stalking is offshore and none of the gamedealers I have dealt with would collect from an Island due to ferry costs, did have one who arranged to meet me at the ferry, but he is no longer in business, it was also not handy as had to arrange a time the day before, as anyone who knows the west coast will appreciate, can't be sure if a ferry will run or not due to weather.

    Will just need to wait and see what Highland Game proposes, but the general consensus in this area is no one is keen to deal with them, and are looking for other options, though I doubt if there will be many.

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    Breahead Foods will take carcasses at the door of the Kilmarnock factory. I dont have a dedicated contact for deer only as yet and been told not to dich out numbers. Dont know what they will pay but is is same a Bestwick, cheque in the post, no cash transactions.

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    well im fortunate ( or unfortunate whatever way you look at it) that i dont shoot that many beasts for it too worry me.....i process and keep all my venison, but odd beast if freezer full goes to the dealer....

    here in Angus we have Jock Mitchell's too .... he is always usually better on prices for everyhthing.

    Highland game prices are ridiculous and if the carcass below a certain weight they give you even less.

    sorry i know they have to make money but have you seen the prices for meat on their website???? scary!!

    also rabbits....head shot 10p !!!!!!!!!!!!! a rabbit i was quoted on the phone......jesus jock mitchell was giving us 65p head shot for decent size.

    i hate leaving stuff lying id rrather it went to the game dealer and got used but @ 10 p a rabbit it would cost me money to take them to him!!!

    sauer/ paul

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    I've sold Roe to Highland Game a few times and they've been paying 1.50 per kg for a few years now. They will reduce the price if the carcase has haunch or saddle damage, I've never had it reduced. They pay direct to your bank account the following month.

    I believe Bestwick was paying more than Highland Game prior to the buyout?

    We sell all our Pigeons to Braehead and have done for years. They offered to buy venison in the past and I was told by the drivers they just took it to Highland game, so no change there.


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