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Thread: Scone Fair

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    Scone Fair

    At 15 a ticket its reaching a point where some people will say "No Thanks".

    Its a shame to as its a good fair.

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    Try 26.00 for the CLA, on the Friday!
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    How much does it circa cost to bus from Edinburgh and up there and back on a sunday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2434me View Post
    At 15 a ticket its reaching a point where some people will say "No Thanks".

    Its a shame to as its a good fair.
    ....I reckon there's a risk of the Midland Game Fair aproaching that tipping point for a lot of people too.
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    I was at the Game Fair at Scone last year and I've been a couple of tmes in the past, I think it's a good day out but can be pricey. Let's be honest the entry fee is only the start of the expense!! I used to love going to game fairs and I would save up my money and go armed with a list of kit I wanted to buy. It used to be the one time you would get so many stands selling shooting gear together at once, and you would have a choicethat would not normally be available. Then came along the internet and all of a sudden everything at the game fairs seems to be a bit over priced! Last year I ended up looking at things and saying 'I can get that cheaper online' to myself and so more or less left empty handed. The events in the main rings also seem more geared towards non-shooters and just for entertainment rather than actual displays of the ability of dogs and trainers for example.

    All that aside, I do still like a good day out at the fair. It's good for the soul just to see so many other people out there supporting shooting. I'll give it a rest this year, but maybe next year!!

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    Just got back from Scone. It seemed bigger than last year (green shoots of recovery or desperation from stands) and on such a stunning day the car park was heaving. Didn't see any partridges 'living in their habitat' for the dog to salivate over although there is a pheasant stand. Hopefully she will remember what they look like at the end of the year.

    I think for 15 it is a full day's worth of things to do and see and there are plenty of tents which can offer hospitality if you want to stop and take advantage. Beats 40 - 60 for a game of football. If anyone is going I have to plug the Demijohn stand. The gooseberry Gin is fantastic! Angus will give discounts if your banter is good!

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    i went to the scone game fair yesterday (friday) to say the least i was very disapointed, it has got worse each year i have been. there is now a mobile phone accessory tent! i dont pay to get in, but even as a free day out it sucks. I wont be going again im affraid. i would rather work.


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    I help sFa Bodoband in Germany on his stands at fairs and his comment about sale prices is that from home he can sell stuff at price A but the stands are very expensive to rent so he has to charge price B and still everyone trys to push for a discount at the German fairs.
    Difficult one to discuss as most of the dealers are not big enough to afford only a product show exhibition with no sales conducted as is the case at IWA in Nurnberg.

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    went today weather was bad not as many people as usual on a Sunday, as some have said you can buy stuff for less on the internet than prices at the fair, and if thats your main reason for going I can see that you might be disappointed.

    My main reason for going is to meet up with old friends its often the one day in the year when we get the chance.

    So yes enjoyed it as much as usual.

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    I was back again today with brolly !(free ticket this time !!)
    A bit wet but we had a great day and a good laugh.

    Ruffy tuffy shooting types were ok and prepared for the weather. But we did laugh at a few chav,s who got mud on their new tracksuits and trainers ! lolololol

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