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Thread: Your best/most useful buy in the past year

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    Your best/most useful buy in the past year

    What's your best/most useful buy in the past year chaps?

    It might be a piece of clothing, boots, roe sack, scope, stalking accessories etc.

    I'll start the ball rolling with a Camo Accessory Pouch 12.00 from Corbieton Enterprises.

    Great little belt pouch, you can safely carry keys, phone, spare ammo etc etc.

    And my Eka SwingBlade I got from Wayne, brilliant piece of kit & the snub nosed blade unzips Deer a treat.


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    For me it was a box of 129 GRN SST they really are great and i wouldnt go shooting with out them.

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    Outdoor Edge Zip-Blade gutting knife from Bush Wear,
    and a moderated 243.
    Both have proved very effective.
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    This is a really good question Chris, and I have to say I am at a loss to answer it!

    It is pretty alarming what I have had to pick up over the past year, and I daren't add up the cost of replacing kit, or finding alternative gear for other requirements. Here goes :

    A sako centrefire rifle, a couple of Schmidts, and servicing/warranty work on my Kahles, two sets of butler creeks,three sets of rings.

    A spare pair of decent binos, a nomad stealth fleece, four additional homebase bean pole garden canes - before deciding that I really needed some expensive sticks!

    Two sound moderators. A couple of spare magazines.

    Powder by Hodgdon and Vihtavouri, Bullets by Hornady and Nosler. Ammo By Norma and Sako. More reloading dies.

    A gun slip, and I had a bedding job done on a rifle.

    I am probably going into shock now, and will take up knitting instead!

    Although there is some great gear in the list of stuff I bought, The most practical purchase is probably five litres of petrol for the strimmer!

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    It is well documented that we are forever buying new kit, I for one am constantly reminded at home! On the other hand, apparently it makes buying presents for me easier!!

    Best bit of kit this year, crickey, big question. I'm very fond of my new Gerber multi tool. Then much like the pouch mentioned above, I bought a Tasmanian Devil pouch that fits on the belt, very handy, especially in hot weather when I'm not using a big coat. Then there's the ASE Ultra S5 moderator, and I recently got a Harris bi-pod that I'm going to try out on the range tomorrow. So much stuff it's hard to choose!!!! (I do like my new Meindl boots) Arghhhhhhhhhh.

    Edit: Just been thinking about the cold winter just been and my new woolpower merino wool base layers I had, bloody brilliant, worn for days with no bad smells and kept me warm in the coldest days.
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    Best thing i have bought in the last year undoubtedly was "Bear" my 3 year old Chesapeakes brother who had a bad start in life and i took him on and he has went from a 27kg weakling to a 34kg beautiful dog... he likes life now.

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    My reloading gear, sub 1" to single ragged holes at 100yds. Good old Mr Lee

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    +1 ont the EKA hunting knife I also got the EKA butchering set again from Wayne really good kit also got my 308 cut and from 24" to 20" made a real good job of her !!!!!

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    The EKA knife is an Outdoor edge sub contract product from near the land of the rising sun, I have the outdoor edge version and it works fine.
    I was opposite the Outdoor Edges stand at IWA Nurnberg for 2 years running.

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    Without a doubt it's the Thermarest hunt lite seat I bought before last Doe season. It makes sitting in high seats a dream and rolls up to fit in the pocket. Essentially a small version of the Thermarest sleep mats that many of you will be familiar with.

    Cost including delivery is less than 20 quid. No brainer.


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