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Thread: Blaser 6.5x55

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    Blaser 6.5x55

    Selling my Blaser R 93 Professional Match in 6.5x55. This has the fluted match barrel and is screw cut M18x1. Complete with a Blaser one piece mount in 30 or 34mm if preferred.
    This has shot 400 rounds max and is a 1/2 moa gun with homeloads. Only selling to fund another Blaser. I am looking for 2000 this set would cost around 3500 new
    Thanks for looking

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    if only, i dream good luck with the sale.

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    If someone buys my Sako, I'll be in touch!!! Are you going to post any pictures?



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    |Hi Andrew
    I am a big Blaser man, this one has to go too pay for my new one, a mortgage?, I will try and add some pictures later

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    I wish you hadn't posted those!!! (Not really...).

    Another shameless plug, with apologies for hijacking the thread -


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    Schmidtman, has this sold?


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    Schmidtman, has this sold?


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    Sorry now sold

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    Oh bugger am I pleased thats gone (was just wondering how much I would get for our lass and my two dogs!!)

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