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Thread: Who has been confronted when out stalking?

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    Who has been confronted when out stalking?

    Have you been confronted by a walker, activist or similar?
    What did they do?
    What did you do?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Not when out stalking as Im still in the wannabe stage

    But ive been harassed for want of a better word 4 times, twice lamping rabbits and twice whilst out with the shotgun on an evening stroll. On all occassions the "walkers" were way off any public right of way. Three times they left without a fuss after I pointed out that they were way off where they should be walking and they were endangering themselves by doing so as I was conducting legitimate pest control with a gun, once I had the two "ladies" screaming at me I was a murdering Bstard as they were firmly pointed in the direction of the closest path.

    They kept it up till they were out of earshot

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    had a walker stop me as I set off stalking, wanted to know what I was doing. I said I was out for deer but had to take foxes if I saw them. He questionned wether it was legal to shoot foxes. I Informed him it was. I tried to explain what deer were on the estate, he hadnt got a clue what he was on about and I politely took my leave. Have had abuse hurled at me when shotgunning and have been reported to the police twice (maliciously). Have always walked away and the police locally know my vehicle reg so dont even respond. When I changed my truck I rang them and got them to move the notes over on the records from old to new . Bloody good really

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    A few times over the years.
    I am up a Lake District valley culling Reds and drop a mediocre Stag, I let its blood out [grallochs are not left on the hill because of walkers etc.] and drag it down-hill towards the private farm road.
    My vehicle is parked in a lay-by there, and the deer is left out of sight. I arrive at my motor and are confronted by a couple with a dog which has been running around.
    Q. Was it you who shot that poor deer ?
    A. Yes !
    Q. Why did you shoot that poor deer ?
    A. Because it was a poor deer and part of my management plan.
    Q. Have you permission to shoot here ?
    A. Yes !
    Statement. I am going to take your vehicle number !
    A. Fine ! I have pen and paper in the motor so I will write it down for you with my name and details of my local Police.
    Question by me . Did you read the notice on the gate at the car park when you entered this land?
    A. No !
    Me. Put your dog on its lead and read the notice when you leave as the farmer is a nasty person who hates tourists dogs chasing his sheep. Have a nice day, bye !


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    stag you are so polite I tell em to mind there own business and F?@K OFF!!

    ATB steve

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    I felt that way on numerous times but as the land was owned by a National Organisation I would probably have been given MY marching orders.
    Being terse and politely insulting them usually worked well .


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    I was out with the shot gun a few years ago and a runner went past and told me he would take my gun off of me and ram it up my arse. I promptly unloaded the gun and invited him to try with the exact words plese feel frre to try (I might add here I dont have a fetish for cold steel up my arse). Strangely enough my near 50 inch chest seamed to put the 10 stone runner off and he kept running. I promply reported the occurance to the land owner who had a wee chckle.


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    never been confronted while stalking / working, if people can see what im upto then so can the wildlife, i keep a low profile.

    however while zeroing my first 22 RF semi auto, i was confronted by the neighbour of the landowner i was shooting for. i got tied up with a nasty, neighbour row that goes back 3 generations (involving dad's removing gates and putting gates back up on a public raod!) anyway police where informed and all was sorted out, i then moved country!


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    I was out wildfowling late in the 90s on a clear blue icy day in mid December I had dropped a goose, I went to collect it from the beach where it had landed and over come a female walker covered in ear/nose rings and nosepins. She started ranting "how can you kill a pretty bird like that on such a wonderful day as today?"
    "Ehr hmm", say I, "I did not know that I could only shoot them during bad weather".
    She went off in a right huff.
    True .

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    I was out with the dogs shooting rabbits when a woman who lived in a house on the track which led to the field that I was in, came into the field ranting and raving. I might add that she had to cover a few hundred yards to achieve this. She wanted to know who I was etc, but she knew fine who I was and was just playing silly buggers. Then she wanted to know where I came from so I pointed to my truck and said over there then she wanted to know did I have permission, so I told her I did by now she had run out of steam, so I bid her good day turned on my heel and walked off. I had gone about thirty or so yards away from her, still with my back to her when the dogs flushed a rabbit directly in front of me, up came the shotgun, down went the rabbit, back came the dog with rabbit and then off set the woman all over again. Christ could she rant or what, must have gone 5 minutes without drawing breath. Anyway her last comment was that I should be very careful as she had five cats which hunted in this field. Ahhh said I, now I am really glad I met you could you describe them to me, only the keeper said there were cats taking birds in here and I was to shoot them on sight! The blood drained from her face and she then headed off at speed calling for her cats, stupid mare never heard from her again.

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