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Thread: Minox HG 10 x 43..should I swap for 8.5 x 43's?

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    Minox HG 10 x 43..should I swap for 8.5 x 43's?

    Hi Guys,

    I have just been given a new pair of Minox HG 10 x 43's as a presi. Didn't know they were coming and a welcome surprise.

    Now, I've had a good look hrough them in the fading light and they really are great quality and seem to gather the light very well.


    I had it in my head to get the 8.5 x 43's after scouring all the posts on here regarding the best mag for overall stalking.

    So should I try and get them swapped , or, should I just get on with the 10x43's

    Am I at a disadvantage or do you think it's negligible?

    Would like to hear your thoughts on the above



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    It depends when you intend to use them.
    For dawn and dusk work the lower magnification will give you a larger `exit pupil diameter` which is advantageous but for use on the hill or in normal daylight I would go for the 10X .


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    I use the same binos and find the extra magnification useful for scanning over larger areas when less mag would be a disadvantage.

    I asked myself the same question as you have, and bought a pair of 8.5 powered binos for evening stalking when the light would lend it's self to less mag.
    This may have been pointless,as I have had the minox out before day break, and they are brilliant for pulling in what light there is.

    The 10x means you may be better off resting them off sticks when you stop to observe an area,as free hand theres more noticable wobble.

    You're a lucky bloke to be given a pair, they were 600 notes when I got mine.

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    +1 on the 10 power and great at this time of the year for watching the roe bucks standing in the crop fields.

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    I've had a pair of 7x42s for a few years now and find them excellent. I tried the 10x but they gave too much "shake" for my liking. Agree with all who said Minox are very good binos indeed.

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    I use a pair of pentax dcfsp10x43s for daylight and a pair of leica trinovid bns 7x42s for morn/evening this arrangment works fine but then you have the outlay for two pairs

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    Thanks for the replies guys,

    My stalking is various blocks of mixed ground with some open ground & large fields/margins, & the rest is mixed woodland, clearfell & new young planting.

    With the advice from above, I will probably just keep keep them and get on with it, they are indeed much better than what I was using before and I look forward to using them in anger soon.



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    Well just a quick update, I couldn't let it lie could I...

    I got in touch with the supplier and swapped thee 10x43's for the 8.5x43's, found the 10x a bit too shakey for me when raking about the woods and now finally happy.

    Still impressed with the quality for the price of the minox HG's



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    I use a pair of Minox 10x52 and like them a lot. I usually prop them up with a single stick while on foot just to steady them up but when sitting or laying there is never a problem with shake. Most of my stalking is on open farmland and I much prefer the bigger mag to get a better look.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RICK O SHEA View Post
    +1 on the 10 power and great at this time of the year for watching the roe bucks standing in the crop fields.
    i have 10x42 slc and got 10 for this reason. light gathering undoubtably better on a friends 7x42 slcs so i guess its a trade off. i wouldnt get too worked up about it as i would be happy wiyh either format from a quality manufacturer

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