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Thread: stalkers that smoke

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    stalkers that smoke

    how do you guys manage to go without a fag whelst out stalking

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    I don't smoke anymore but if I did, there is no reason that I could not smoke when out stalking. If the wind is wrong and they smell your fag, they would have already smelt you anyway!! In fact, it is useful to have a cigarette on the go as it will constantly tell you the wind direction.

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    right i would have thort that because it is a stronger smell that the deer would have smelt it easyer.

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    Always best to keep the breeze in your face rather that from behind. Number 1 rule of stalking.

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    That used to be one of the questions in the old test for the Woodland Stalkers Certificate and it was surprising how much conversation that subject generated.
    Of course Andy L is quite correct. Always stalk in to the wind.

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    i don't realy like people to smoke whilst out with me as all the extra hand movements related from lighting up to stubbing out can sometimes alert deer to your presence and when you are trying to get in for a shot, being a non smoker it is an unwelcome smell, when you are shoulder to shoulder and smoke is wafting across your face, plus as it is getting dark the fag often lights up like a beacon giving away your actual position, then when you get into the vehicle to go home why do they allways want to hav those last few drags then breathe the smoke back into the motor.
    on the positive side the smoke can act as a excellent wind direction indicator but i like to feel the breeze on my face or scuff the ground or even if cold enough just use my breath these are some of my preferd methods

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    I've given up now, but smoking certainly had the benefit of keeping the midgies away

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    im not going to be smokeing whels actualy on the stalk but before i spot a deer to stalki or after i hav shot the beest do you guys think it would be ok

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    Always been partial to a rough shag when I'm stalking.

    Deer may not smell you if you're stalking well, but beware the telltale puff of white smoke which can give you away to them.

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