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    Travel Insurance

    I am going to South Africa in August for a Safari, so need travel insurance that includes hunting/shooting, who do other people use, most polices exclude these activities.

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    I use NFU. No loading for plains game.

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    Concur with NFU. Remember, use them as a broker, not just a policy seller. You will find that the underwrier is usually one of the big insurers.


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    All sorted now, the NFU were pragmatic, helpful and very reasonably priced - thanks for the help.

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    I always use Haymans they are the only people who would insure me for dangerous game. Have just re insured for my return to Africa at the end of this month.

    Just make sure you are coverered to be air lifted out and back home should the worse case ever happen (god forbid) otherwise have a great time and good luck.



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    curious as to the cost of insurance for dangerous game


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    Can't help you there Keith. I have never gone after dangerous game, only plains game.

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    thanks i cant see myself going after them either but i my interest was sparked as to how much you would be expected to pay,


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    I have taken dangerous game, both Buff and Elephant and I had a problem finding an insurance company to cover me. In the end I used a company called Hayman, who insured me for 5million medical cover, but only 5k for death. Evidently at the time they likened it to being the same risk as a formula one driver.

    I have recently used them to cover me for my recent trip to SA about 2 weeks back, although I was armed with a camera this time.



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    Thanks for that information Malc. It's always good to know where things can be sourced. have a good trip to RSA. I'm booked out for November. A bit late in the season but the World Cup screwed things up this year!

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