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Thread: Shooting Clothing Advice please

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    Shooting Clothing Advice please

    I am sure this has been asked numerous times but I am fairly new to this forum and would like some advice on what jacket and trousers to buy for the coming season. I stalk, pick up and beat on local shoot. I am always out in all weather and am looking for a warm jacket that IS DEFINATELY waterproof. I am fed up with buying jackets and trousers that claim this and when worn in bad weater I end up damp at best.
    Had a 300 Musto that was alright but this still was not 100% waterproof as decribed. Please advise. I do not have loadsa money but I am prepaired to pay good money for good clothing. Many thanks. Wobblebelly

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    Nomad... the only waterproof gear.

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    Nothing is one hundered % unless you get a gimp suit. But there are some that are beter than others for me its tweed it gets wet but drys as you go in the wind.

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    Harkila Pro Hunter.

    Costs a fortune but is the only kit i've found that does the job and is tough enough for the challanges and terrain the serious stalker goes through.

    Cant remember the amount of times ive been over barbed wire an the trousers have not holed or torn.

    Nomad is also very good although I have suffered with compresion leaks whilst lying on the ground on moors etc.

    Deer hunters ok for the average shower and does keep you dry with the membraine.. but i have problems with the fixing predstuds coming off around the waist and the liners fall down. The outer layer also gets saturated in very heavy weather becoming very heavy and can take a while to dry.

    Failing that and dependant on budget a cheap plastic type pull on waterproof suit but this is noisey and sweaty.

    Gortex and Harilka get my vote

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    Don't bother with Seeland, it is waterproof most of the time but I was disappointed with the build quality and durability. I bought the beaters suit and ripped it in it's first season in the beating line!! I agree with Choc, nothing is 100% waterproof. Probably going for Nomad next.

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    I had a pair of Seeland trousers they were crap, like ScootC says mine ripped after a season.

    I have a pair of Swedteam trousers and a pair of Harkila Prohunter trousers both a very good pair of trousers, especially the Prohunters.

    I use a few jackets, have a deerhunter jacket which ive had for 10 years not a bad jacket, keeps you dry in a shower but not if your crawling through wet gorund.

    Also use a Barbour endurance and Muso tweed jacket both very good jackets.

    The best jacket i have found is the Swazi Thar anorak its a brilliant jacket keeps you dry in the worst of weather, i use a few other Swazi porducts and cant recomend their clothing enough.


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    Nothing can be considered one hundred percent waterproof, unless you want to wear trawlermen's oilskins!......... anything that comes close to being waterproof, will, if worn in stressful situations, such as trying to climb gradients at the same pace as a lifetime Ghillie,result in you becoming just as wet as if you stood naked in the rain, but as these other posts list, garments made by quality names will perform well if treated well. Steve.
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    If you're on a bit of a budget, have a look at the Jahti Jakt range; I've got a jacket/trousers, and realy rate mine ....but like Finnbear says, owt that will keep you 100% dry from the outside may well have you sweating your knackers off from the inside once you get past a moderate walking pace .
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    Theres a whole, long argument as to why being waterproof is far from the be all and end all to outdoor clothing.

    Far more important is for something that keeps you warm and comfortable in both wet and dry - particularly for stalking, as you need something quiet...

    Not for nothing did highland stalkers and ghillies always wear tweed!

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    I once had a long and illuminating conversation with the owner of a mountaineering shop about the relative merits of various materials. He asked how long I would expect to be out on a wet day so, imagining a typical morning or evening outing I suggested not much more than four hours, if that. "In that case," he said, "you are already wearing the best material for the job." I was wearing a waxed Barbour.

    Yes, they may get stiff and if you don't wear a woollen jumper you might get cold but, when properly treated, they are likely to perform every bit as well as modern artificial materials, sometimes even better.

    However, depsite his advice I read a few more reviews and bought a Keela Ventile. Superb piece of kit and so much better than my Deer Hunter jacket.

    but cheaper here -
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