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Thread: Brought a copy of Sporting Rifle......Oh dear

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    Brought a copy of Sporting Rifle......Oh dear

    Well whilst in town the other day I wandered into Smiths and took a look at the rack and there was the July 2010 #53 issue. Had a flick through and though Oh well we will give it a go. Now on reflection I wish that I had not wasted the money. The only thing I can really say in it's favour is the quality of a lot of the photos. The last article in this issue was one I wanted to read. Should have done it in the shop in on the 25-06 and Oh deary me. According to the writer the 25-06 uses the same heads as the 250 savage, 257 Weatherby and the .257 roberts. Of course he says Bullet head of which we know there is no such thing. No wonder some new shooters don't know the proper terminology .

    Then he is biased towards the 25-06 against the 270 Winchester completly avoiding the fact that the .270 also uses 150 grain bullets. According to him there is only a 130 grain loading

    Carr is up to his usual diatribe of advertising in his write ups. I guess we are supposed to be suitably impressed at the prices he pays for his stuff and wonders upon wonders it seem that Carr has discovered that a telescope is useful in stalking on low ground after other species than Reds. I'll wager he is the first to ever do so

    And horror amongst horrors the tester on the new Ruger Hawkeye discovered it has a pressure point bedding in the fore stock. Seems he has never heard of this and assummes it was just not relieved enough in production. Luckily he didn't take a rasp or sand paper to it. He also has a quite dig at Ruger for their trigger implying it's not a high quality one or was he implying that unless we swop it out immediaitly upon purchase we are not doing it right not sure on that one. However it was refreshing to see actual precision of grouping reported which was 1 1/2" -2" depending upon the ammunition it was fed. There was a little light glimmering in the distance. A bit of factual reporting. I had to have a lie down with the faint feeling the shock brought on.

    Oh well at least I know once again not to buy the magazine. I do try once every year or so to see if it's improved but sadly it's got an awful long way to go.

    Sorry Selena you have you work cut out there girl.

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    I gave up buying shooting sports and sporting rifle quite a while ago! Most articles were total dribble with little or no relevance to anything I do; or could afford for that matter!

    Trust me, you will learn far more, and read equally as well written (spelling apart...... ha ha) articles on this website!!!

    My view only...



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    The target sports writer has a good series on reloading which is the best bit of the mag, but it is better than Sporting Gun.
    Charles Bull self promotional review of shotgun cartridges is rubbish. he does not test them, chrono them, plate them or check the quality of the lead shot or the consistancy of the loadings. He is heralded as an expert but it appears the best thing that he can do is sell shotgun cartridges.
    Gun Mart is just a big catalogue & should be free. The shooting Times seems just to be a anti non toxic diatribe. Just MHO

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    I think sporting rifle is finally on the up-turn, more foxing, stalking and less africa and NO bloody catipults.
    If a bit of advertising keeps the cover costs lower well thats ok with me.
    Apart from a few things which should never have made print (shooting into bushes), its better than No read at all.
    Like everything if its not your cup of tea then don't buy it, but to just slate it all the time gets pretty boring. It just makes the same reading on here really, abit like what the magazines critics keep saying about it!!!

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    Hmmm Ok John gave it a go and brought a copy will not do again. have a nice day all!

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    I have subscribed to it for about 3 years and have seen good times and some very bad and nearly didn't re-new my subscription.
    But having said that I do think its coming around full circle.
    Why not write in with your opinions they may take on board some comments or even publish your articles.
    You could easily write up your stalks with me using your classic weapons, after all its a little different.
    I have quality photos to accompany it.
    regards john.

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    I have had a letter published when CJ was in charge and got a nice bottle of whiskey for it too.
    I then wrote an article about a trip to Croatia on driven Boar, complete with photos of the accomodation and the lads and, of course, the bag.
    I thought it was better written and illustrated than a similar article written by a well known journo in another magazine that went to Poland on a similar trip.
    It wasn't published or even acknowledged but was later told that the agent I had written about was not one of his advertisers so could not expect it to be published.

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    Subscribed and let it lapse because standards had fallen, however bought this months and agree with John it is picking up. Usually find Sporting Shooter is a decent all round read too.

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    John I will be writing to them you can be sure but I very much doubt they would like the classic angle. No advertising revenue in that. LOL they probably never heard of Viking Binos and stalking with a 50 year BSA naw can't do that they couldn't hit the side of barn when they were new don't ya know ................................. nope has to be S/S and plastic and cost at least a grand.

    if they do print the letter which i doubt and they do offer something like a bottle of whiskey John it's your mate because I don't even like the smell of it.

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    Well I do like it thanks Kevin but the hours I keep now very rarely drink it.
    Only when I have a cold or tooth ache(medicinal only).LOL
    And I thought they could hit "fuzzywuzzies" at a 1000yrds them old guns.

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