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Thread: Swanndri hooded bushshirts

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    Swanndri hooded bushshirts

    Does any one know where to get a good deal on Swanndri hooded bushshirts? And what are your thoughts on them?

    thanks for any help charlie

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    I bought two jackets direct from Swanndri last March, they have sales on sometimes. These jackets are very good

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    Try Stevie at Bushwear they usually stock them.

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    I have a Swanndri Ranger Extreme and like it a lot, got mine off ebay pretty cheap.

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    I think I had about 12 swanndris at last count! They are truely excellent pieces of kit, but there really is a difference between the old ones and the new ones manufactured in china- I spent a while trawling ebay and got a few old ones in good condition including an original "john mack"- try ebay australia and new zealand as well they usually ship worldwide. I ordered a couple of shirts from them just last week and they arrived in 5 days- postage was $48 for a relatively small parcel. Theres sometimes a few for sale on the bushcraft forums as well. hope that helps!

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