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Thread: 7mm mauser

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    7mm mauser

    Hi, has anyone out there tried either RWS 128 grain or Norma 150 grain ammo in 7mm mauser. I am not certain the weights are spot on but is pretty close. I have been using 175 grain Fed: but would like something a bit lighter. Any views on this

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    how do you find the mauser, im thinking of getting one what modal have you got,do you know of a dealer in the UK.

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    7mm mauser

    Hi there Tolley, the rifle in question is a model 44B Heym single shot in 7x57 calibre (7mm Mauser). I think you mistook the calibre for the make of weapon!
    The Heym is a beautiful little rifle, very light and extrmely well made. I was a tad dubious as to how it would cope in a fairly large calibre, but the round is a very soft one and even with a 175 grain bullet poses no problems. I am however looking to try some lighter rounds, hence my query. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck

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    thanks old keeper,sorry to jump on your tread anyone out got any infor .

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    Hi All,

    I've recently bought a CZ550 in 7x57 (7mm Mauser). It's a great rifle and didnt cost an arm and a leg either.

    I've Just bought some Federal 175 and 140gr ammo and hope to try it out as soon as i get my scope from the US. I'd like to try slightly other lighter ammo but may need to reload for this.


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    I shoot 7x57R in my Combi. I use Norma 156grn Oryx. A great bullet but they cost a fortune I shoot roe with that round but have shot moose with it. 7x57 is a lovely mild shooting accurate round.

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    I reload 140 grain bullets but the poi for those and the 175 grain pills isnt too far apart at 100 yards. It wouldnt be a drama to use either on most woodland stalks.

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    RWS does a 123grn Cone point I seem to recall. You had best check if it's available here in the UK though or even still listed.

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    I dont know if you can get it, but for the price(in the us anyway) the Hornady 139 grain is deadly, accurate and cheaper than Norma. capt david

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    Rws cone pint 123g in 7x57 isvery flat shooting and know a couple of users who swear buy it for hill use.

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