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Thread: Primer choice

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    Primer choice

    Hi guys,

    I'm going to work up a load for my .270 next week. i looked at my load load data from my old .270 and i used a 215 magnum primer with re22 powder.
    i have still got a bit of re22 left so i was going to start with that.
    only thing is i can't remember why i used a magnum primer. do any of you guys use a magnum primer for .270? i thought a good rule of thumb was loads over 60gn benefit from a mag primer but i might have dreamt that.

    so mag or not?


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    Reloader 22 is quite slow so it might benefit for the mag primer. I Had to switch to a mag primer in the 25-05 with Reloader 19 as I was getting some with delayed ignition symptoms with a particular load. Try it with a mag primer and without and see which performs best. As your data was with a mag primer it should be OK but switching to a mag primer from a std primer I would drop the charge slightly due to the fiercer ignition of the mag ones.

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    Not sure about your mag primer rule there mate. I once experimented and my 270 opened up with them. I had to reduce the powder slightly to get them to close in again.
    No reason why you shouldn't or can't mate, my rifle just liked a load with regular large rifle primers (CCI).

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    This is only mildly pertinent but remember that A) Magnum primers usually require a reduction in powder charge, as Scotsgun pointed out, and B) Makes of primers do make a difference. I have several rifles that with identical loads, show a huge difference in accuracy. Remember also that any change in components -especially primers- require starting all over with load work-up.~Muir

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    Cheers Muir,

    This is a load for a compleatly new rifle so i will be working up anyway. My Ruger number 1 used to shoot like a bench gun with 57.5gns Re22 and a 215 federal mag primer. I have never bothered to deburr flash holes or uniform primer pockets before on a load for hunting rifles but i am going to this time. I've ordered some Norma Brass and will be picking up the powder/bullets on monday, the rifle arrives Wednesday. next week i'm going to spend a full day at the range getting acustomed to it by doing some load development.


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