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Thread: Hi from Norfolk

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    Hi from Norfolk

    Hi all i am a newbie from Norfolk.
    I am looking to go into either gamekeeping or perhaps stalking profesionally, so ill be waching threads with interest.

    Look forward to my time on the forum.

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    welcome in mate, what's your background, what's your plans in regards to your job intentions


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    I have just finished my National Diploma in Gamekeeping. I have done some work with deer and have taken a couple of Muntjac, one with leec6.5 from here.
    As i have been applying for jobs but havent had any joy as of yet i have been getting all the experience that i can.

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    It is very difficult to get into. If your absolutely sure its what you want, go for it, but from a keeping point of view not a shooting one. The gun is simply a tool the same as a spade or hammer. Too many youngsters get a hell of a shock when they go into it full time. I should know I have had to fire several. I should try to put you off the job entirely but if your sure I can tell you there is no other job like it in the world. Good luck.


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