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Thread: Moose on the loose in the highlands?

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    I fear that it will all end in tears. I can't see wolves & bears passing up deer in favour of slow moving, easy to catch sheep when they inevitably break out of the enclosure. And I don't think that the elk/moose will do especially well in that terrain. Introductions in NZ failed dismally where other deer species did much better.

    I want to be wrong, mind ..........

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    There was a Beowulf loose on the neighbouring estate last year, and I know for a fact that it took two red hinds


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    to be honest i actually think he is right i think we should do something tho natalise Britain a bit

    i think we need to do something I'm not saying that we should bring big predators into Britain but something needs doing we are all for doing something that will help us but i think we need to starting to help out country soon it will end up like Tokyo (over cramped) we need to start thinking of our country and look after it.

    and no before some one says I'm not a peace loving green preacher

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    Hi Russ,
    Its a nice idea, but as other members pointed out Bears, Wolves and Lynx eat sheep, horses, cows and family pets! Even in Canada and the States they are having real problems and look at the land they have! How many people and Moose are killed on the roads in the States each year? Lets look after what we have before we go all Jurrasic Park.

    What a waste of money.

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    im not saying we should bring in preditors

    ithat is wat i was trying to say we realy should realy start looking after what we have got.

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    I agree Russ. But getting back to the Moose, how do you get them in a Roe sack?

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    I see nothing wrong in principle with re-introducing animals that were once native and the European Elk (moose) is fine. It does very well in the northern forests of mainland Europe and should do OK in Scotland in the relatively small amount of Scottish habitat that suits it. It needs fairly sparse forest and lots of water to do well.

    Wolves are another thing altogether and whilst it's a romantic idea to re-introduce them it will never happen for a number of reasons:

    1) Wolves need a very large territory, far more than any one Scottish estate can provide

    2) They would need to be fenced and thus not truly wild as excursions into neighbouring, possibly less welcoming estates would not be a good idea

    3) They would kill sheep and cattle in preference to deer

    4) To be a true reintroduction they would have to be European wolves and it's hard to think of a population large enough to provide stock animals

    5) The public would generally be against it, especially in those areas where releases were proposed for all sorts of sometimes ill founded but genuinely held reasons.

    The only predator that I could see being successful in a UK environment would be the European lynx and even then there would be problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    I agree Russ. But getting back to the Moose, how do you get them in a Roe sack?
    get a argo

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