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Thread: New Bloke signing in.

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    New Bloke signing in.

    Hello Folks.
    I am new here and have been thoroughly enjoying reading your topics and threads.
    I am on other shooting forums and think I would like to rekindle my interest in stalking.
    I dropped out of the East Anglian Branch of the BDS 15 years ago after some strange goings on that I never got to the bottom of. I believe that enquiries were held but
    no findings ever got relayed to me as newsletters dried up and I had no contacts in the branch and still don't.
    I use 20b,12b and 5shot 12b,
    My slots for 6.5x55 and 308 await funding (might take a while)
    Previous toys were 22-250 ruger and 243 bsa.
    At the moment I am mostly bashing rabbits from a quad and looking to get on the woodies soon.


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    a hello to you

    hey there,good man you cant beat the old stalking melarkie,i also am new here and fairly impressed so far cheers.

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    Hi Bryan
    I,m new too joind this week and from Norfolk looks like a good site.
    Martin M

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