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Thread: Remington VSSF .220 Swift

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    Remington VSSF .220 Swift

    Hi chaps

    I've got a new rifle waiting in the wings so I'm having a clear out. My Remington VSSF (varmint, stainless, synthetic, fluted) in .220 swift is for sale and so is my .25-06 Sako (see separate ad).

    Currently shooting ragged holes and exceptionally flat. Comes with warne 30mm mounts and stainless PES moderator. Also was fitted with a Timney trigger when bought.

    Very good condition and only lightly used. Owned by me from new.

    (Bipod not included sorry.) Reloading dies/cases etc. by negotiation.

    Bargain at 475 including getting it to your local RFD if required.

    Thanks for looking and PM me if you've got any questions.
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    Is the action the same as .243, .308 etc,as the 220 case is longer?
    Looking for rem action to build 6x47!

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    Hi MarkG. Afraid I'm not sure, but it could be the standard rather than the short action. I'll try to find out. Ultimately, even if it is a longer action than you strictly require, all it means is that you've slightly more bolt to cycle. For a cheap action/stock etc. you might think that was something acceptable, but only you know!

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    Would have thought a new bolt would be pretty expensive? JC

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    Sold. Thanks guys for the interest, sorry to those of you who were disapointed! The rifle is on its way to bonny Scotland in the morning.

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