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Thread: Sako 75 .25-06 - camo dipped, very special!

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    Sako 75 .25-06 - camo dipped, very special!

    Hi everyone

    I'm having a clear out so my .25-06 Sako 75 is for sale as is my .220 Swift Remington (see separate listing).

    This rifle was professionally "dipped" in realtree camo by Hydrographics at very considerable cost by its previous owner and really looks the business. The finish is exceptionally good and covers the whole rifle - stock, barrel, mod, bolt, inside the magazine housing, the lot! I bought it last year but want to get a .25-06 barrel for my Blaser instead of a separate rifle.

    Comes complete with Sako mounts (30mm) which have also been dipped. Also, comes with ASE Ultra S5 moderator which makes it very quiet.

    Very good condition and only lightly used. 400 rounds bought when new, and still 180 left unused!

    (Bipod and scope not included sorry.)

    Bargain at 850 including getting it to your local RFD if required.

    Any questions, please drop me a pm.

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    Nice looking gun there, but i'd loose the bloody thing if l put it down to deal with a beastie!


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    Now, a camo coloured knife or headtorch, yes I could also easily loose! However, I've managed to keep this one safe despite having dropped a number of deer with it in the last year (and a few foxes too!).

    Personally, whether it was camo dipped or not wasn't what mattered to me when i bought it - it was just a very "straight" 75 and the added extra was just a bonus.

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    Could you let me know where you are please as i may be interested? I'm in mid suffolk.

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    MS, do you need another 25-06?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    ms, do you need another 25-06?
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    I'm in Hampshire guys. PMs responded to.

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    Sold to the man in the wheelchair!

    Thanks for all the interest guys.

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    where did you have it dipped it looks awsome

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlos View Post
    where did you have it dipped it looks awsome
    There is a man on here that will Cerakote or Duracote anything for you. Cerakote is very very good! Hardwearing and any colour you like!

    Here is the gallery from his web page, his site is under construction at the moment. Gallery

    Jager SA
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