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    Hi All

    my name is Jon 44 and from warwickshire, very interested in all aspects of deer stalking, at the moment muntjac in this part of the country, also fox shooting etc. Also enjoy training and shooting over spaniels and been fortunate to get two dogs to the spaniel championships a few years ago. Enjoy watching working with any type of gundog. would like to focus on my stalking and in the near future and join a sydicate, so if there is an opening I would be interested in hearing from you.

    Currently shoot a 308 remington 700 tacticial XCR, .cz 17hmr and .22 rimfire. my shot guns are mainly used for shooting over spaniels so are in no great shape but safe!

    last but not least a Leicester Tiger supporter!

    all the best jon

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    From one spaniel owner to another welcome aboard

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    Thank you, black and white or liver and white?

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    Welcome to the site spanielman. Any chance that one of your dogs mated Steadroc Serenade in 2001 ?

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    that rings a bell who is that ? the old boy is still with me

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    B&w l&w

    One of each the black and white was trained for deer and will track then sit next to them and bark although he has only had to be used on one occasion .
    The liver and white i generaly use as a peg dog.


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    One of the bitch pups went to Belgium,thats me. You where there to pick up your pup at the same moment that I was there. I see we have some common points of intrest.
    I still am in dogs a lot, but have always had the "stalking" bug. I try explore this bug a bit more the last months. What about you? Still active with spaniels ?

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    Hello there,
    Are you the Jon Lee of recruitment agency fame? That would be too much of a coincidence.

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    yes that would be me however, not in that market at the present currently moving/looking for new position, have i placed you martin?

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    I remember, yes but not in the way i was a few years ago, still love spaniels and always will, however always enjoyed stalking when i get the chance and of any rifle shooting. My boys have taken my time over the past five years on the rugby seen, and i have become a RFU level two coach. so trialing in on the back burner but i keep in touch with some good guys that are still very active in trialing.

    There where some good pupd that came out of that litter one who is on my site bit out of date that is now a champion dog called jake check out kurls! a mate of mine owns him as i sold him at 12 months old thought id had better stuff in my kennels as it happened it did not turn out that way.

    hows your bitch doing?

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