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    Evening all

    I am a professional who is a regular varmint, target shooter and occasional stalker when available. Hopefully more often with the aid of your help and advice?

    Originally from South Africa, have been resident in the UK for over 10 years still have rifles in South Africa and when possible go and stalk plain game. The last time I was out I shot a Blue Wildebeast with a 7mm RemMag SAKO stutzen at about 150m.

    I am a registered member hunter with the Confederation of Hunters Associations of South Africa, an NRA member, a CPSA member and a Member of the Old Sergeants Mess down at Bisley. I am also a qualified RCO.

    My collection includes a range in the UK and abroad from .22 to 7mm Rem Mag and including 12 bore.

    Hope to chat and learn more from some of the more experienced shooters on the site.

    I hope to add a pic or two at some stage!



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    Welcome to SD!

    Looking forward to reading your posts.
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    HI Boschboy
    IM a new member too where in SA are you from? What target shooting do you do. I was in SA last June at a range near Crocodilspruit think thats how it was spelt didnt take enough coats froze my nuts off at night. I nearly joined the Sargents mess but they had no accomodation has that changed?
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    Marti M

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