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Thread: Even I can't own them all...

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    Even I can't own them all...

    So I get up this morning and send off a money order for some five rifles my brother secured for me. I am happy but now, gun broke. I go to the Big City to grocery shop with a clean slate of wants.

    I stop in to a small shop to look for a revolver holster and walk into a Lee Metford Sporter with a sterling bore for $375. Oooo! A near miss but out of my budget. No holster so I hit the road towards the next shop without looking back. I'm proud of my self control.

    At the next shop I find a few tempting items but nothing to knock me off the Fiscal Responsibility wagon.

    The next shop, however, had a Colt Officer's Match .38 Special revolver for $300. Now I'm squirming a bit but hand it back to the shop owner. I look up at the rack of guns and see an old-style foreend on a new looking Marlin lever-action 30-30 carbine. I ask to see the rifle. Uh-oh. It's at least 57 years old (as it has no "Micro-Groove" rifling which was started in 1953) but it is absolutely blemishless. I mean brand new. The price is $340. The owner says, "It's been a slow day. You can have it for Two Sixty." I thank him, hand the rifle back and run for the Jeep. I mean, holy Jesus! It's like a huge, Satanic conspiracy against Yours Truly trying to tempt me away fro the path of Righteousness. I put my boot the floorboard over the accelerator and headed home.

    Forty-five minutes later I'm safely home, checking my e-mail. Safe. I open an email from my distributor buddy in Florida. He has another Swedish Husqvarna Model 640 in 8x57 that is perfect but for having been neatly drilled and tapped for a side mount. He mentioned that the stock was walnut, not birch, and wasn't that unusual? There was a small chip out of the plastic butt plate at the toe. The bore is excellent, btw. Was I interested at $170??

    Lord help me. I am a weak, weak man...~ Muir
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    You'll be back tomorrow!!! You'll see.
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    You just need some immoral support. Get a buddy to buy them and lay them away until the 'black money' has built up again...

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    Lord help me. I am a weak, weak man...~ Muir
    You know you can hear it calling :- .......................

    Buy me ............................... C'mon Buy Me

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    Try walking away from an internet buy!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    There are times when I wished I lived in the states. Reading this is one of them.......

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    You never mentioned gun shops when we spoke yesterday dear boy otherwise I would have given you the "good sense" talking to, blame your hangover you lightweight. Failing that tell Jack, he will buy it and it will end up coming your via some future fiddling, I'm sure.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    There are times when I wished I lived in the states. Reading this is one of them.......

    There are times when I am glad I don't live in the States. Reading this reminds me how little money I would have in my account were it not for the time taken to apply for a variation and prove a valid reason to possess beyond covetousness.

    "I've not met a shooting man yet who doesn't want to buy a new gun..."
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Ahhh shouldn't this:-

    "I've not met a shooting man yet who doesn't want to buy a new gun..."
    say another gun?

    I find I suffer with this malady severely Iwrch sent me the heads up about some catalogues at Holts so of course I had to peruse the lists............................................. Oh dear. I saw several that really do need to come and reside here like the BSA No2 single shot .22L/R the No1A complete with it's adjustable rear sight I BSA Hunter that with a little clean would look splendid in the collection, a Parker-Hale that appeared to be a 1300S another P-H this time a safari ............................................. oh woe is me.

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    "Immoral support" I like that. Well, sadly, I did buy that Swede last night. It will be here in a couple of weeks but, darn it! I missed the Lottery last night so I'm safe on the other counts; at least if I plan on eating for the next few weeks. The shops are closed today due to it being Independence Day......... and so I won't be able to get back until Tuesday unless I blow off work. The shop owner with the Colt and the Marlin said he'd make the price he quoted good through then. Maybe I'll sell the Kid's pickup truck!!

    Sorry about your latest bout with temptation, Kev. Will you be able to hold yourself back? Or will you require Intervention? If so, don't look for it on this site!! These guys are NO help.

    Now John. I hadn't left for town when we'd spoken, otherwise I'd have sought your wise council; as I do in almost every aspect of my dreary life. Besides: The only advice you have given me lately with regard to gun purchases is "Built a bigger vault, Boy! Build a bigger vault!" You're not much help!~Muir

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