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Thread: hi from canada

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    hi from canada

    im from essex uk originally, ive been living in british columbia canada for the past 5 years,
    I enjoy stalking,wildfowling,reloading,trapping,bowhunting and most outdoor sports!
    the pursuit of wild game is my passion!
    im returning to england in the future but not sure when!
    thanks for reading dan

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    Welcome, where in BC are you?

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    hi matt

    I live rural ,northern bc

    the closest town is prince george

    its a good hunting area

    very good moose habitat

    and lots of black bear

    thanks dan

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    Welcome to the asylum, Prince George the corner of the Fraser River, I know you area pretty well,I worked in Jasper for a while , lucky man you are. Just wish my trips back were more frequent .The fishing all the way up the yellow head highway is the mutts nuts .
    Last time I was in Prince George I was driving from Van to Alaska epic drive memory of a life time journey.

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    I've been round Vancouver, Kamploops, Golden etc, great area, very jealous! I hope to travel to Bella Coola in the future, plenty of grizzlies.

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