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Thread: iPhone calls

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    iPhone calls

    I was at the Game Fair at Scone yesterday on the BDS stand and one of the folk that came on the stand to chat mentioned the following apps:

    Has anyone had any success with these?

    Rgds JCS

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    Not tried those JCs but i use 'let fly' an app for iPhone. Its a ballistics calculator in which you can put all of your load data into so when out in the field, you can quickly look up the bullet drop... I use it for long range bunnies or if sitting for charlie. Its definitely a good app..

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    thats all good and well if you have an iphone but ive got a blackberry , anyone know of any apps for the blackberry

    cheers lee

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    by the time you enter all the info the Charlie would of foxed off

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    Was looking at these as well - but would a whitetail call work for a Roe?

    Also is there a decent range finder on an IPhone? Ok will not be a laser finder, but a GPS based one?
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    Ive not found a range finder as such, best i use is google or gmap pedometer. although i have a rangefinder now so dont need to worry about that.

    mick b- Its a gadget, im a bloke, its gotta be done! And its quite handy to suss out an area if your sat waiting to know the range to specific places and the drop associated.. I have used a few different electrical calls and to be honest, not had a lot of success..

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    iSnipe on the iphone has a simple range finder that uses the camera. You take the picture, move the markers to the top and bottom of the target and it works it out. There are several options to chose from for the target height, man, women, car, bear, whitetail etc etc.

    Probably of no practical use when out stalking since it will shine a light in your face, the deer will either bugger off or fall asleep waiting for you to put the details in to calculate the range.

    And if, like me, you have it enclosed in an Otterbox case and wear gloves whilst shooting, the deer will wonder why you are waving your arm manically trying to get a glove off to operate the touch screen (it works with gloves on if you suck the end of the gloved finger first)

    The speaker on the iphone isn't really up to using it as a call, I've tried it on magpies and squirrels and it just doesn't output enough sound in the field to be useful. In fact it is too irritating to listen for long.

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