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Thread: what do you guys think

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    sorry guys just noticed some one els has put this up can a mod remove this post

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    Introduction of large predators , yeah right. I'm 6 foot, and large so how about allowing me up there for six months?

    I won't attract attention or vets bills, nor need a bloody fence!

    Blokes a pillock
    Attention seeking millionaire I think

    And a ****!, he only had to come to this forum for assistance

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    There's a moose loose abooot this hooose!
    not really sound is it , and when he lets em go ! !
    someone will think they are hinds and slot em , or may be a giant fallow buck . there's one for the kitty.

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    I wonder how many little pots of creamy desert you can make out of a fully grown moose?

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    A large moose will make 180742 pots of creamy desert. Its taste is on a par with surströmmig. Still eating this little one from 2003. Down to the last 5000 pots.

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    Hi Jagare,
    Now I know that European Moose have smaller racks than the North American counterparts, but that is some beast you have there! What did you shoot it with?

    Is it a chocolate or a strawberry moose?

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    It's amazing how the meat varies. most deer i shoot have red and bloody meat, hot a finely whipped chocolate tasting meat like moose. Although, to be fair when an emporor penguin is shot and plucked it comes out just like a small chocolate biscuit.


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    Too many nuts in a Lion Bar, and they nearly all drink Tiger Beer!!!!!lol

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