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Thread: Sauer Rifles

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    Sauer Rifles

    Hi has anybody any experience of sauer rifles how do different models compare are they accurate and reliable.They seem a little expensive even s/hand it would probably be in 270 or 308.Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 270TOMMY View Post
    Hi has anybody any experience of sauer rifles how do different models compare are they accurate and reliable.They seem a little expensive even s/hand it would probably be in 270 or 308.Looking forward to hearing your experiences.
    I've had the 200 & the 202 both in 270win, good rifles. also a 90 in 243.

    I had trouble with the 200 initially with the wood in the fore end swelling when wet but that was put right.

    If I were looking for a new rifle the sauer would be on the list, the synthetic off road is a good working rifle.

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    I have a Sauer 202 Outback in 6,5/55, find it a great rifle, nice and light, love the trigger on it and a very accurate rifle would highly recomend the Outback.

    The lads i stalk with use Sauer 202 europa luxus in .243, Sauer 90 stutzens in .243, Outback in 25.06 and another 6.5. all of them swear by them.

    The 90 is a lovely rifle, i would definatley recomend Sauer rifles.


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    last rifle was a 202 europa luxus loved it to bits if i could afford one now it go for it in a heart beat, only thing its a bit to good a quality rifle/stock for my kinda stalking/vermin control as everytime was out with it was scared to scratch it so me personaly would go for outback if i had some spare cash, only thing i didnt like was safety button but all & all class rifle, 10/10, friend of mine has a MAUSER M 03 ARABESQUE & what a well ballanced rifle that is quite pricy though very reliable, accurate & lovely action, so have a look at the mauser both rifles 100% or if your numbers came up at the w/end BLASER R93 looks a total dream... let us know how you get on..

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    I have the out back because i dnt really take great care of my rifles its tough and very acurate sub 2 inch at 100 and thats off sticks.
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    i had a .25-06 in sauer 202 synthetic and loved it...only sold it due to new custom rifle.....

    only thing in hindsight was mine was aluminimum action i had and i sold it then was informed from new owner that the threads for the mounts on one part had stripped! (would never have knowingly sold it in that condition ) it was rectified and beieive he is very happy

    but with hindsight i would get a steel reciever/ block /action/ not aluminimum

    but accurate. and just felt "right"


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    Absolutely top quality factory rifle, the only other rifle I have seen which compares favourably is a Blaser.

    Reference the threads stripping on the alloy action, this is a known problem, though not that common. The newer alloy actions have integral weaver style bases cast in place in the manufacturing procees. Brillant solution.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hi Tommy

    What can I say you get what you pay for, yes they are above average price wise but what a rifle!

    I became a convert 3 years ago and now have 2 202's. An elegance in .308 and a .243 select. I was attracted after shooting a friend's 202 and what stood out was the the rifles balance, weight, workmanship and exceptional accuracy (1 inch at 100 yds with factory ammo no problem).

    Would recomend using Leupold QR mounts & bases vs. the Apels as they can be a little high, my Sauers also seem to like Sako factory ammo with the 123 grm round in .308 excellent for Roe & Muntjac.

    However would advise a financial health warning as they become v. addictive and result in further purchases of barrels in different calibres, break down cases etc. Be careful if you buy a .243 as to go any higher you will also need a bolt and mag change as well.

    Next expense on the cards for me is a PES moderator for the .243.

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    I two Sauer 202's a .243 outback and 30.06 eligence.

    Never had a issue with either.Only point that is mentioned on other threads is the safety catch which is nt to everyone's taste.

    But a one of teh best quality factory rifle's about

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    Hi Tommy,

    I have 202 Elegance which I purchased in 6.5 x 55, I subsequently bought a another barrel in 30-06. Excellent rifle, and both barrels will shoot ragged 1 hole groups if I do my bit. Not cheap, but worth every penny in my view. I use an SB 8x56 with the 6.5 and a Swaro 8x56 illuminated with 30.06.

    I also have a synthetic stock for it as well at the timber.



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