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    Smile New to stalking

    Hello All,
    I've just joined the by way of another site, the Shooting Community. After posting a request for help getting started a very helpful chap has very kindly offered to show me the ropes and put me on to this site. I have been shooting for nearly two years now, mainly rabbits on some of the farms near where I live and for that I use a either CZ 452 in .22LR or .17HMR.
    I have permission to shoot deer and foxes on land that I already shoot rabbits on so I will be sending off a variation for my FAC very soon.
    I am planning on applying for .243 and I am going to go over this with my mentor when we meet up and I know I am probably making a rod for my own back by asking this but what other calibres would be good for Roe deer and foxes?

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    Welcome Farmer. 243 should do just fine !!

    ATB Bordersman

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    hello tae ye,if money aint an issue yes by all means the old 22.250 is gret for the fox,but if you just want one tool then stick to the 243 and change bullets for a flat shooting 75 grain ballistic tip for the foxie,there is a load of different rounds available right from 55 grain right up to 100 grains,its a great caliber,and in my opinion you cant better the sako 75 or 85,ok cheers min.

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    Welcome to the site mate, plenty of good guys on here so dont be afraid to ask questions. The .243 should do you fine , hope you enjoy the site

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