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Thread: New to Deer Stalking

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    New to Deer Stalking


    Well i have just put in my variation for my.243 for deer and fox and just wanted to join a like minded community. I have been doing a lot of rabbit control on a two farm and a MOD site.

    I have been offered a few days of stalking but it also ways nice to have a place to ask question.

    Will be doing my DSC1 course in Nov, already reading up on it now


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    welcome and enjoy,its a very informative site,cheers.

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    .243 is good but if you dont want to have to upgrade in the future go for 6.5x55 or .308 they should give you 6.5x55 for fox but you might have a bit more dificulty getting the .308 for fox specificly.



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    Thank you for that info

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