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Thread: **Please please help.**

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    Exclamation **Please please help.**

    Guys, before I start I must tell you that I wouldn't normally bear my soul to all and sundry on an open forum, so please don't laugh at me because it has taken a lot of guts to post what I am about to post, but I am desperate for some help and advise.
    Well here goes:
    Last year I met my girlfriend Tina, she is a wonderful person and she lights up the room when she walks into it, now, last Friday she told me that she was pregnant and whilst this isn't a problem for either of us I decided to do the right thing and ask her to marry me, she said yes and I was over joyed. But then the problem began, she started to ask about my family as she has never met them, I moved away from Rotherham 27 years ago and have little to do with them, read on and you might understand why.
    I have 2 brothers, a sister and mum & dad. First brother is Pete, he's works for the council and is a Vegetarian. 2nd brother is Dave, Dave is a mess, he's been in and out of prison all his life, this time he has really done it though, he's been convicted for armed robbery and a load of drug offences including (I am ashamed to say) supplying 10 year olds. He has got 19 years this time and I don't expect that I will see him again as he is a bit older than me. My sister (Julie) is no angel either and is currently working the streets to fund her drug problem, I have tried to help her so many times but I think she is beyond help now, she was beautiful and a lovely person to be with but now she is massively under weight and constantly spaced out. I suspect that she has HIV but she won't go for the test. This makes me very sad as I do love her very much but thats another story. Then there's my so called mum and dad, they're the reason that I left Rotherham, Always in the pub, always drunk and my dad has never worked a day in his life, well he has if you call burglary work, but that is about all. As a child I was made to do paper rounds and work the milk to get money for them. They are a constant source of embarrassment to me, always wanting to borrow money that I know I will never get back and you should see them, they're a disgrace, walking round town, drunk and arguing all the time, I just wish that they would kick the habit but they have always been like it.
    I'm really embarrassed to tell you all this but I have a real problem on my hands now, I mean I can explain mum and dad, I can keep trying to help Julie, but how the hell do I tell her about my brother, Pete, the Veggie?

    Yes yes yes, I know that it should have gone into the joke section but it would have lost it's impact! lol

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    When I first heard that (about 1952) he was a 'Conservative'


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    briliant, you had me there for a minute.

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    So just your average family, well apart from the veggie that is.

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    Hi mate, just tell her the truth, if she is half the person you think she is you wont have a problem.
    Good luck

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    Tell her you're an orphan

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    That was going to be my plan B

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    Had me going i must confess sounds like your average family from Rotherham though


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    Quote Originally Posted by groach1234 View Post
    Had me going i must confess sounds like your average family from Rotherham though

    Unfortunately it just about sounds like your average family!!!!! from anywhere, minus the veggie of course!!!!!!!

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    Don't worry about it, it is you she is marrying and not your family and as you say she is unlikely to see your brother. As for the veggie, miracles do ocuur, could have a vension spit roast for the wedding bash.


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