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    here's a good article for you,

    here's the translation lol

    The hunter Johnny Bergström was on Sunday severely damaged in connection with a tracking wild boar. The incident has made him even more convinced that tracking should not be carried out by lone hunter. In particular, the traffic after the desert where the police are responsible authority.
    - In my opinion, NVR system redone. To perform tracking is risky. Obviously, depending on the game type, but there are so many other things that can happen. Especially in the dark, along busy roads, in bad weather. A tracking hunters should never be alone, says Johnny Bergström.
    He talks about Sunday's incident in which, as he says, a mistake led to his right leg was badly injured by a vildsvinsgalts graze.
    - I was called to a hunting party here in Västmanland who shot on a large wild boar moved on. Shots site investigation indicated that there could be at least a touch of the vital part.
    After being tracked down to a kilometer with his wildly Bavarian bloodhound thickened woods and Johnny decided to drop their löshund. It was not long before she made contact.
    - There was barking and walking about if every second, says Johnny Bergström.
    A double threat
    He understood immediately that the wild boar was hard hit. It went off several times as he approached, but not moved far before it got stuck again.
    - When it became a walking position, I ran to get the ASPECT. But before it came to where I was standing, it was able to be back.
    Johnny went to the dogs barking as he had done so many times before, and tried to get into the boar behind the dog.
    - But I failed it, and came in a bit on the side. Instead of a threat perceived boar two threats. The attack came a flash, says Johnny.
    The wild boar, which later proved to be a hog in the 150-kilogram class, had full focus on Johnny who did not manage to pull the trigger. In the first attack touched boar Johnny who managed to stay on his legs.
    - Nothing like this has happened to me some time earlier. The wild boar tend to settle there and run on. So it was not this time. It spun around in a fraction of a second, and I did not have a chance to catch swing around the rifle before it was over me again.
    Protected face
    Now Johnny was hit hard and he fell to the ground. And the boar continued his attack. Johnny describe how the struck his head and bit repeatedly. He protected his face with his arms and hands. And he thought his time had come.
    - In a way it was lucky that I fell. A wild boar has been difficult to access with tusks so far down, he says.
    When gråwachteln flew on the boar stopped for a moment the attack to chase the dog away. It was enough that Johnny would have time to get hold of his weapon.
    - I did not have much more than direct the gun so it was on the way back again, with the dog hanging in the rear. I had time to think now I shoot the dog too, but in the situation I had no choice.
    The shot hit from the front. Boar lurched to the side and was seated.Fortunately stopped the bullet in the body and the dog survived.
    - I understood that I was seriously injured, and the only thing that was in my head was to take me away, tell Johnny when he passed away a piece made an initial examination of his leg.
    - Then I was for the second time the feeling that I was going to die. The wound that appeared when I departed it ripped pant leg was terrible. And I had 500 meters to the road.
    A broken bone
    Johnny Bergström received a phone contact with his father who encouraged him to put a tourniquet using the belt, but he just kept going.
    - You do not think rationally in such situations, and the only thing I had in my head was to take me out of the woods.
    Difficult limp he managed through a skotarväg come out to a field edge where members of the hunting party met up. Among them, a veterinarian who had with him first was related equipment and that took care of Johnny until the ambulance arrived.
    At the hospital in Vasteras got doctors patch up a lot of broken bones. A wound was 15 centimeters long and three centimeters deep. Two other wounds that sat lower on the leg was described as three centimeters long and eight deep. As if the boar tusks carved in but failed to pull them up.
    In addition, it was Johnny bruised. Among other things, on the underside of the arms where the boar attacked when he protected his face.
    - I must be thankful that it was on the outside of the leg and not the inside.Had a major blood vessel punctured, I hardly think that I'd made it. And luck was that he managed to access the neck, or get a bait in the stomach.
    Vulnerable hunters
    After returning home from the hospital Johnny Bergström given much thought to the incident and what he could have done to avoid it.
    - I think a lot about how dangerous a tracking can be. Frequently jakteftersök like this, but even more vulnerable are the hunters who do trafikeftersök. They work on behalf of the state, but is still so vulnerable. It should not be allowed to be so, says Johnny.
    As an example, he takes the desert on the bear where it should be two hunters. But, he says, it could be just as dangerous with a tracking wild boar. Additionally occurs many more such wildlife accidents.
    - Actually, not heaping so important when risks are assessed. There is so much else that can go wrong. What if the hunter falls and breaks his leg while it is night and ten degrees below zero. I do not believe that these risks would be accepted if it had been usual occupations, says Johnny Bergström.
    Footnote: Boar Boar Johnny Bergstrom fired on to pacify himself was found dead at the scene.

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    It reads a lot better in the Swedish version . I bet the first thing on his must buy list are a pair of boar proof trousers.

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    What PPE are the FC and others using in the FOD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben_in_the_woods View Post
    What PPE are the FC and others using in the FOD?

    The shooting client leads the way?

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    Thanks for sharing Wayne.

    I bet these sort of incidents happen quite a bit more than we actually know! Lucky man to make it out I'd say!

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