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Thread: my wifes blak bear

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    my wifes blak bear

    heres a pick of my wife and her black bear ,she shot the bear at 30 yards with her 7mm.08

    the bear went 25 yards and colapsed,double lung shot!

    she got the bear shoulder mounted and its on our lounge wall!

    I really like this cartridge as it is low recoil and flat shooting and cheap to reload and still packs a punch.
    and will kill all n,american game if you put the bullet in the vitals

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    we set of from camp at first light looking for a black bear.
    within an hour we saw a moose,it was the first of 5 we would see that day.
    at around 2pm the wife spotted a bear across the valley it was heading towards our direction.
    after a few mins we could see it was a large male grizzly,it came within 250 yards,and we watched it for half an had a lovely silver back and was huge.
    it gradually wandered off,and we decided to head back to camp,as it was about a 4 hour hike.
    at about 7pm my wife spotted her bear in a swamp.she got a steady rest while i watched through the bino,s
    i watched the impact as she fired and new it was hit hard.

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    Hi Conibear,
    You sure are one lucky devil. To have a wife that shares your hobby of shooting is a fantastic bonus to any marriage.
    It sounds as if you may have a bit of competition on the Bear front or have you shot a bigger and better one than hers already
    Having had a little think about it, it could also work out a bit expensive as well, his and her rifles etc and another down side I have just thought of, anything she shoots, you end up carrying
    Keep the posts coming as we are all interested in other forms of Stalking/Shooting of different species.
    Just had a look at your Gallery, quite a selection, very nice too, say I with envy ;-)
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    thanks EMcC

    my wife and i are very fortunate to have lived here in northern canada!

    the hunting and the scenary here is great !

    she enjoys the outdoors which is a fantastic bonus!

    I have to say that weekend of hunting was excellant and a weekend we will never forget!

    Although the hunting here is amazing, we both still really miss shooting and stalking in the uk

    all the best dan

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    hi EMcC

    just checked out your gallery,nice animals!

    thats a impressive bag of boar,where were you hunting?

    looks a nice boar in your photo?


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    nice bear.
    I have been doing some research about bear hunting in alberta. Can you suggest any outfitters? Anytips for a newbie/foreigner?
    Born to hunt, forced to work.

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    Hi Dan,
    There are several Agents here in UK that organise five day trips with three days shooting of Driven Boar in Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and a few other places in and around Europe.
    The prices are nearly all the same for the trip but some charge trophy fees and some organise 'all inclusive' trips, shoot all that moves at no extra cost, that's the ones I like.
    The trips nearly all run on the same lines as regards travelling and acommodation, which is quite often old hunting lodges or 'out of the way' hotels.
    The food varies but is nearly always local food and can be a bit of a shock to the system sometimes.
    The places that I frequent are nearly always deep in state forests and the beaters are all foresters or agricultural workers so they all appreciate our company and can be very interesting sometimes.
    hert's one of the beaters in Croatia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter View Post
    nice bear.
    I have been doing some research about bear hunting in alberta. Can you suggest any outfitters? Anytips for a newbie/foreigner?
    hi shooter

    bear hunting in alberta is mainly (99%) over baits! shooting from high seats ! so a lot of patience is required !
    but normally successfull!
    to be honest i would find that a little bit boring!especially if you shoot a bear the first night! but each to there own,
    In british columbia,its spot and stalk,and the bears are much bigger and more plentifull!
    I would recomend vancouver island, hunting coastal blackies in may, along the shore lines by boat,
    in the spring bears eat grasses after there long hibernation and love to eat the marsh grasses! and in the fall there fishing for salmon!
    expect bears in the 300-400 pound range.
    you can also fish for salmon and crabs while your looking for bears! that would be my suggestion!
    good luck

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    I know you guys get them mounted but do you also eat the bears? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richiepolecat View Post
    I know you guys get them mounted but do you also eat the bears? Just curious.
    yes bear meat is good!

    you just have to make sure it is nowere near a garbage dump! garbage bears are full of worms!

    the bears I eat are allways 50 odd miles out of town or more!

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