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    Harkila Importer

    Does anyone know the details of the importer for Harkila? Pro hunter X jacket worn about 6 times now lining is fraying, already have had to repair pocket!

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    Could be wrong but I don't think Harkila have an importer they just have a few sales reps covering the country and ship direct from there warehouse to suppliers

    At least that's how they used to do it a few years ago from my understanding

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    take it back to the shop you got it from they will sort it out .mine posted and returned trousers within 2 weeks

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    Defender is right, they have agents and do not sell direct to the public themselves. The retailer is the first point of call. Speak to the seller and they should be able to help resolved this for you.

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    Many thanks all. When the pocket stitching came undone if was Christmas eve so all shut. I spoke to
    anchap, a rep I think as I was shooting between Christmas and new year as only way to
    get it repaired in time was to have is done by a seamstress in Spalding and did not want to void warrenty, he understood and said get on it will be fine also postage to return would have been as much as repair, not really the point on a 450 coat!

    i will go back to supplier, I still have receipt.

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