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Thread: 14 Coyote's 1 Fox and a Badger on last trip to USA!!!

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    14 Coyote's 1 Fox and a Badger on last trip to USA!!!

    Just got back from another great trip to USA hunting Coyote's.
    Managed to shoot 14 Coyote's 1 Fox and 1 Badger (legal over there).
    I made loads of stands and on average got one Coyote every two days.
    Shooting starts at the break of day and I finish about 11.00-12.00 then have some brunch I then go out again about three hours before sunset for the evening hunt.
    I have shot Red stags in Scotland and most deer and Foxes at night...but none of these compare(in my opinion to the sight of a Coyote running in to the call.
    My closest shot this trip was 120 Yards (my average is usually about 80-100) but this trip they were just that bit farther away the longest being 431 (ranged with laser range finder).
    My first stand of the trip was very short,I got set up and started the call and looked to my right,just a few cows then when I looked left there was a Coyote sitting looking towards the call he was about 140 and dropped when the 50 Grain BT hit him square in the chest...first stand..first shot...Coyote number one after just two minutes of calling.I worked out that if it went on like this for the whole trip I would shoot loads of "Yotes"
    I made seven more stands that day and saw no more Coyote's!!!!

    I went up to a small town about 120 miles away where I have permission and made couple of stands with no luck.
    Then the next stand a large male Coyote came charging into the call over a hill and then ran up the hill I was on coming within about 10 yards of me,until him scented me then ran like hell away to my left he was running straight away from me up the next hill when I squeezed off a shot hitting him hard, he rolled over and died on the spot.
    Then a Badger came out of the sage bush and sniffed the dead Coyote,Badgers are classed as pests and when he stopped I shot him making an unusual "double".
    I go for about 34 days and shoot mainly on government land, I am quite lucky to have several ranchers that let me hunt on there land and the total area must be around 200-250 sections of land (one section is a mile square so 640 acre's per section)
    I have made seven trips now and pick up new ground on each trip! I am now quite well known and the locals have christened me "English Bob".
    I now have good friends out there and Joe looks after my Truck(Ford F150 ex bed) and my Rifles,6.5x284 custom built and Winchester mod 70 in 22-250 and PVA .50 Cal black powder in line muzzle loader!
    I stay in an old "fifth wheel" caravan these attach to the middle of the bed on the trucks and the weight is taken by the rear axle, mine is parked on some private land so there is no ground rent to pay!

    Booking my next trip for March next year and I hope to do some night shooting this this space.
    I have several shots on Video and will try to upload onto youtube later this month,my problem is the editing program I have does not run the "MOV" format that the "Shot trax" camera uses? any suggestions?

    Thanks for looking

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    Envious just dont begin to describe how i feel

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    Great read and thank you for sharing - photos would just make the text.


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    Great read. Glad you enjoyed your time over here. Nothing quite like a hard charging 'yote barreling in to the call, except maybe looking up and seeing a bobcat yards away where previously there was nothing.

    Not sure how it will work, but in 10 days I will be giving bear calling a try. Should be quite interesting if successful.

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    Wow!, Sounds great,... just that amount of time in the states would be good.
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    English Bob,
    What state are you hunting in?

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