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Thread: Coyote lottery

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    Coyote lottery

    This article is not well-written, but is a new approach to reduce the surge in coyotes.

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    Our government is too lousy to offer this sort of program.
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    It amazes me as to how many Aussies are lurking on this forum as members of the Secret Squirrel Society.

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    That seems like a great idea, I always wondered if anything was done with regards to predators or pests on public land.

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    Do they pose that much a nuisance? Or is it just a case of cheaper to get joe public to shoot them than have a game warden type job.

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    Wish a similar type scheme could be rolled out for grey squirrels here, most killed in each county wins a prize maybe but i doubt it

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    So can international hunters apply for a tag in SC?

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