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Thread: MTM Front Rifle Rest

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    MTM Front Rifle Rest

    In amongst the shooting equipment that I am still sorting out and selling is an MTM CASE_GARD Front Rifle Rest (For those not too sure about what this type of rifle rest looks like it is identical to the one on this e-bay advert:
    This one has been used a few times for zeroing off a table or the bonnet of my motor and also a couple of times when I was shooting a black powder pistol and as such has a few very minor marks on it, however these minor marks are purely cosmetic and do not effect it's functionability. It is in it's entirety and in fully working order (All the threads on the adjuster and adjuster lock are good and clean) It comes complete with all of it's locking screws and rubber feet etc. However I no longer have the original box for it but it will be posted well wrapped and protected and sent via 1st Class Post.
    These seem to be retailing at around the 35 mark brand new so I think that an asking price of 20 including postage is reasonable.
    Payment should preferably be by bank transfer or if need be by paypal but I would rather avoid the paypal charges if at all possible.

    Thank you for looking.

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    PM sent I'll have that.

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    Can i have second dibs please

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    PM sent I'll have that.
    Provisionally sold subject to the usual.
    I have replied to your PM and yes Crowlcat you will have second dibs if for any reason the sale to EMcC falls through.

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    Funds transferred now .

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    Payment received. Many thanks for such prompt payment Edd.
    It will be posted this morning.

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