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Thread: Fiery Deer Gen3 trigger Sticks V's Primos Gen 2 Trigger Sticks

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    Fiery Deer Gen3 trigger Sticks V's Primos Gen 2 Trigger Sticks

    I'm in the process of thinning down the Munty population for one of my permissions, and in thick woodland, I'm finding the quad sticks pretty much useless. Too slow to deploy and not suited to situations where I may have to sit dormant for a few hours in one location taking opportunistic shots from a seated position where following an animal requires easy lateral movement without fiddling and adjusting sticks. Most shots are off-hand from 50 to 75 yards but I have a few locations demanding 100 yd shots into a wooded bank. I have various home made bipods and quad sticks which are fine for other applications but for what I'm after here, the trigger-sticks seem to tick all the boxes as a tripod with swivelling rest and adjustable low feet for sitting shots would be perfect.

    However, previous threads here seem to indicate some widely reported reliability issues with the Primos sticks which are sort of putting me off the idea. Has anyone tried the almost identical looking Fiery-Deer Gen 3 Trigger sticks by way of comparison or can anyone comment on their robustness/reliability?

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    Hi I have only just cone across this post and I am wondering the same about the Firey Deer sticks.

    Did you get them in the end?

    I just watched a review on them and are now even more unsure

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    Chinese knock-off of the Primos product - do a search for the manufacturer or place of origin.

    Not to say that they might not be an identical product but you take your chances with returns.

    BTW I've posted previously on servicing the Primos Trigger Sticks if you need it.

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    Suggest you have a look at Dorr tripod trigger sticks(Rpid stavi) I purchased some a couple of weeks ago and currently on loan. Initial impression is very good.

    Chester, give me a call and I will give you a low down. Might be able to lend you them in a weeks time.


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    For info Paddy on here has tried most and only uses Vanguard trigger sticks.


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    There is now a genuine Primos Gen 3 trigger stick. Don't know what it's like, but fck me, it IS ugly!!

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    Just ordered the 3 gen set as they have come down in price

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    I ended up going down the Vanguard tripod/bipod/monopod solution, not as a replacement to quad-sticks but to compliment them as another handy means of providing a steady which allows rapid deployment and fast tracking. I am so far pleased with them, but have to say as with any other tripod or bipod, steadiness is vastly improved with the proper use of a sling (I now use an M1907 sling).

    I carry the Vanguard already opened to my preferred height, with two legs clipped together (quick release clips) and find them lighter and less cumbersome than my quad sticks if not as steady. more versatile though as can be used sitting, prone or standing. When on the return leg of a trip, they collapse small enough to clip to my waist pack and I don't even know I'm carrying them.

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    I've just bought a Gen 2 trigger stick tripod and I've also a Bog-pod tripod. For static sniping of rabbits or walking around at night for rabbits/foxes with either a lamp or NV I'm not sure there's any advantage to the Trigger Stick and I would think the same would apply for woodland culling. You tend to adopt a pre-set height and just leave it there and the Bog-pod is taller on its highest setting and I prefer the more rounded cradle. The Trigger stick is less clacky to deploy though and I can see the point for general walking up vermin shooting in daylight or stalking where you never know which stance you'll have to adopt.

    The Gen 3 is a different colour, the legs splay to a wider angle (though I would have said the Gen 2's went plenty wide enough) and you can attach a two-point rest on the new ones. That would be useful for fixed position sniping when you might be sitting in the same position for a long period of time and you don't want to keep lifting the rifle off the rest between shots.

    Either way Bog-pods, Triggers stick - gen 1 or 2 - are all bloody expensive. As for reliability only time will tell though the dealer where I bought mine said Primos are good for no-quibble repairs or replacements. At least the Bog-pod has been 100% reliable for the best part of ten years, until the cradle snapped but that was my fault.

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    My promos trigger sticks are a waste of space! It doesn’t take much for a Knock or bend to get them out of line and fir one or more legs not to slide in and out. So it becomes a heavy tripod...and expensive to boot.

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