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Thread: The white shepherd

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    The white shepherd

    He arrived in the glen under the cover of darkness, he moved swiftly across the hill face the wind snapping at his heels, sticking his fingers into every neuk and crannie leaving no cairn or corrie untouched before moving on.Mission accomplished he left the glen as quickly as he had arrived this had just been an exploratory mission he would be back before long and next time he would no doubt complete the job.

    Dawn found both sheep and deer in the glen bottom driven there by the White shepherd, his visit of the previous night there for all to see.

    This was our first visit this year by the White shepherd the first of many, more than likely, and while today was a glorious sunny day and the loch a vivid blue framed by trees in a myriad of Autumn colours . The white of hills was proof that winter has arrived.

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    Looked kind of white across the tops. Snow gates closed on the a93 and a939 cockbridge to tomintoul closed as well. Ah, the joys....

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    He paid us a very quick visit on Friday morning. He needn't have bothered, it disappeared as quick as it fell.

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