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    Hello Everyone

    My name is Steve, I come from Scotland but have been in England for some 20 odd years and live with my family in Swindon. So I obviously shoot in Wiltshire, up until now only Shoties, .22lr and .17HMR. I've recently acquired an .243 for deer and a .308 for range stuff. I shoot with a rifle club as well as hunting for the pot. I've had a quick scan of the site and there seems to be a wealth of knowledge available, so hopefully I can learn a lot and share what little I know. The site was actually recommended by a chap attending the DSC1 course that I got talking to about tracking wounded/missing deer. I think the facility provided through this site looks fantastic as I was concerned about what I would do if I were to wing a beast in the field. I have no access to a trained dog. The BDS guys had no knowledge of a tracking facility available to hunters so well done everyone involved in this. Anyway I digress as usual, I'm just trying to say hello. See you on the forum.


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    Welcome to the site,

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