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Thread: Blazer Stutzen k95 in 6.5x57

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    Blazer Stutzen k95 in 6.5x57

    My friend has bought one of the above in 6.5x57 it's a shame he didn't meet the man he had bought it off as he built his own bullets and we could have used his knowledge. Anyhow I built him some bullets and after measuring his rifle pushed them back from the lands. He fired ten of them and they went all over the place. I had made him a few test loads with lesser powder three off then onto the bigger load. Using a 120 gr partition but used a slow burning powder trying to get speed up and keep the kick acceptable as it's a very light weight rifle. Guessing that maybe the problem was I may have picked the wrong powder and was going to start again. He ten rounds left that I had not set back so I set them back 25 thou less than I had set the others. And bingo I believe they are now grouping.
    I know all rifles are different even two exact matching pairs may not fire the same but I'm interested if anyone has experience of this model and how close they are setting the head back from the lands? Also anyone with this calibre what powders have you found best.
    If I it was my rifle I'd just play till I got it right but my mate lives two hundred miles away so it's a bit more of job sorting him out.

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    Is this 6.5 X 57r (ie the rimmed version?)

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    These rifles are usually extremely accurate and not too fussy with decent factory ammunition.
    It's a good cartridge and there should be good data available online for reloading. 6.5x57 Mauser 6.5x57R
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    Are you casting bullets or turning bullets on a lathe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    Are you casting bullets or turning bullets on a lathe?
    Or maybe 3D printing them?

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    What powders do you have on hand now?
    RL-19, IMR-4350, H-4350, VV N-150 would be good place to start with 120-gr bullets.

    With its powder capacity, you might want to move to 129-gr bullets and 140-gr.

    Being 6.5x57R, assuming you are loading it 10% below a bolt action load, you want a powder that still gives a pretty good case fill. For example, if 49.0 grains is MAX, and 41.0 is MIN for a modern bolt action, you might end up with a 44.0 grain load that still gives a 95% case fill and good, consistent ignition at a milder pressure for a break action rifle or combination gun.

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    Yes sorry I should have said it's the rimmed version

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