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Thread: Musto Whisper GTX jacket versus Musto Highland GTX lite Jacket?

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    Musto Whisper GTX jacket versus Musto Highland GTX lite Jacket?

    My day job is working with the veterinary unit at the races ( anti doping etc) and therefore can be out in all weathers. For years we were given a clothing allowance for protective / all weather gear, which was cut to nothing following the demise of the Celtic Tiger. My personal choice to now has been Schoffel Venturi ( can't remember the model)- lots of pockets inside and out , loose enough cut to fit over day clothes, and light enough not to weigh a ton when soaked. We have just acquired a new boss who wants her team to be both identifiable and tidy to which end she is proposing to the CEO that we are dressed in Musto.
    I'm very happy to wear Musto but we're being canvassed to choose one of the above jackets so if any of you have experiences of either of the above I'd like to hear them.
    I'm 6'2", 16 stone, at least XL in most coats. I will wear wear it in anything from mild weather to extremes of cold and rain, and use the pockets a lot. I will probably be for the high jump if I'm suspected of going shooting or stalking in it


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    I have a Musto Highland - not sure if it's exactly the GTX lite nodel as I've had it for some years and haven't worn it recently.

    It was my smart jacket for game shooting on days when the rain was horizontal. It always kept me perfectly dry, and the high collar was great for keeping the neck warm, but what I didn't like about it was that it was very long and the area below the pockets seemed to "fill up" when the wind blew (outside the coat, not inside ). That was clearly a side-effect of both being lite and having poacher pockets on the inside.

    These days I wear either a Musto Technical Tweed or a Nomad Game Shooter depending on how the fancy takes me.
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    I have the older style Musto Highland jacket. It's slightly heavier than the Schoffel jackets but warmer and absolutely waterproof even in torrential rain. I like the 3/4 length style jacket as it keeps the tops of your legs dry and protected from the wind.
    I also like Nomad gear but while its light, waterproof and warm it doesn't wear particularly well in areas where it's frequently rubbed i.e. shoulder straps etc.

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    I've got a whisper jacket. It is a good coat, but doesn't have as many pockets as I'd like tbh. It is warm and dry though and looks smart and is my main stalking jacket. You'd have to try one for size - I'm your height and where a large and it's just about ok on the shoulders. The outer is quiet and hard wearing, but it does get saturated with water and becomes heavy and takes a long time to dry out.

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    We've been given one of each in size L for show. In my pullover I was just able to get into the Highlander but the Whisper is too tight. Assuming that the difference between the two is the same in XL the Highlander will allow for layering. The Whisper is marginally heavier but does live up to its name - definitely less rustle. Thanks for the opinions. It will be a couple of years before I can give an opinion on its suitability for shooting / stalking, though I doubt it would be any good for beating woodcock!

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