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Thread: ***Tack Driver*** Stainless Tikka T3 in 22-250 with Custom 8 twist barrel.

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    ***Tack Driver*** Stainless Tikka T3 in 22-250 with Custom 8 twist barrel.

    Sadly I am selling my Semi Custom Stainless Tikka T3 in 22-250rem, its an absolute tack driver and has only fired around 347 rounds.

    This rifle was specifically built for long range varminting using the new Sierra 69 grain tipped matchkings.

    Rifle Spec.
    26" 8 twist Stainless steel Lothar Walther Barrel (Fitted by Bowtec Rifles)
    Invisible thread cap
    Tactical Bolt Knob
    Aluminium Bolt Shroud
    Tikka T3 Super Varmint Stock

    I have done load development for this rifle using Sierra 69 grain tipped matchkings and 55 grain Sierra Blitzkings and both consistently print single ragged holes at 100yds.

    I have only used this rifle for long range varmint shooting, sat in a nice warm comfortable barn, high up in the haystack. I have managed to bag numerous crows, pigeons and rabbits at ranges well over 500yds.

    I am only selling the rifle as I have been offered a 6 month secondment to work abroad so I need to raise some cash to fund the trip.

    The rifle comes with rifle case, Sako brass and all load data, the scope.

    The rings, scope, bipod, sound mod and dies are not for sale.

    The rifle is totally unmarked.

    I want 1100 for the rifle, brass, rifle case and load data.

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