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Thread: Howa 25.06

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    Howa 25.06

    For sale is my Howa 1500 in stainless steel with a green Hogue stock. It comes fitted with a neoprene covered T8 Reflex moderator and Leupold 30mm STD bases and scope rings. It has a Rifle Basix trigger fitted and set to 2.5lbs pull.
    Great stalking rifle which I have owned from new and has fired approx 600 rounds. Very accurate!
    I'm looking for 600 for this. Please note - the scope, sling and Bipod are not included!
    I'm going to regret getting rid of this as it is like an old friend! It must have accounted for about 500 deer including all six species so it comes with some experience too!

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    pity it isnt in a calibre i have on ticket, seems like a good deal to me. good luck with the sale

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    Thanks Pete.
    I have a load of fire-formed brass I'll chuck in with it and some good load recipes too!

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    A friend has been looking for a 25-06 for some time and typically when this comes up he is in France on a Battlefield tour.
    I have E Mailed him but he is away for this week so will not catch up until the week-end. I should imagine it would be gone by then.

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