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Thread: Self setting stoat killer?

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    Self setting stoat killer?

    Anybody used these yet? Resets automatically 24 times without needing to be checked...

    Looks like a good bit of kit to me, but expensive!

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    Do they have defra approval?

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    I saw them last week at a trade show looked ok but at 125 seems expensive. No idea on defra but fourteen acre are selling them

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    Do they do a cat version. I could do with one for my garden.
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    Suggestion that approval obtained. I guess you'd still have to check it every 24 hours, no doubt finding a pile of dead stoats alongside ��

    Definitely an interesting concept. I'd suggest it would be more useful against squirrels and perhaps rats.


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    You'd need a helluva stoat problem to justify it, I reckon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodsmoke View Post
    You'd need a helluva stoat problem to justify it, I reckon
    True. But they also kill rats and mice and don't need checking every 24 hours....could be good for far flung areas of large estates/shoots. But, expensive.

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    plus all the scrotes would be taking them for a walk,

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    They might do a non paying member of the caravan club size!!

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    Ah but how are they on squirrels?


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