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Thread: Munty Buck

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    Munty Buck

    Out this week and took this little fella with the .308

    I was interested in learning what sort of age this might be from the head. Haven't had a chance to remove the tusks yet to see if they've started to close over at the root, but this Munty stood out because of it's sheer size. I haven't come across one as large as this on my permission before. It measured close on 53cm to the shoulder and a conservative estimate on weight would be between close on 19 to 20 Kilos. That's a good 5cm taller to the shoulder and I'd estimate almost perhaps 3 to 4 Kilos heavier than most of the bucks that I come across.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is about the weight of a roe on my land. Sheesh.
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    Congrats on the buck. it must have been bred with a pig. nice size

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOMMO.B View Post
    Congrats on the buck. it must have been bred with a pig. nice size
    LoL...more like a wild bore!

    I did a double take when I first spotted it about 120 yds away, and thought there's no way that's a Munty, not at that size! A quick scan with the bins proved me wrong. Stalked to around 70 yds before taking the shot. It spotted my movement so couldn't get any closer, but approached from open ground downwind of it, very slowly. It was browsing in a heavily wooded bank. Took the shot off-hand and it dropped instantly after meeting the 150gr SGK. I tend to load heavy and slow for munty...minimal meat damage, although a lost some of this carcass, due to a bullet deflection (Murphy's law).

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    Even with the meat loss you sure will be eating babe the razorback for a while. Enjoy

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    Nice buck did you keep the head and lower jaw?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    Nice buck did you keep the head and lower jaw?
    Hi Stratts

    Yes. Kept the head and lower jaw. Haven't done anything with it. It was outside last night and the crows made an early start on it this morning. May get the stove going outside and boil the head or let nature take it's course and then clean it; either way, I'll save it so I can examine the teeth and jaw in more detail at a later stage.

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    Is that 19 to 20 kilo's clean weight. Wf1

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfowler1 View Post
    Is that 19 to 20 kilo's clean weight. Wf1

    That was prior to gralloching.

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