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Thread: Level 2 'weekend'

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    Level 2 'weekend'

    I find myself in a situation where I need to (at least try) get all three Level 2 stalks in a weekend. Of course I am aware that this might not be possible, as there are no certainties in deer stalking, but I want to at least give it my best shot. I am aware that BASC offer this service, but I do not want to use them. I vaguely remember that BDS used to offer the same deal, but they have discontinued it this year.

    So is there anyone here that, provided I make the grade of course, thinks that they can help me out? Feel free to either pm me or reply in this thread with details on pricing, location etc. I am willing to consider going anywhere in the UK. I would prefer it if the weekend was on the winter. I am not after any trophy animals, I just want to get my Level 2 done.

    Many thanks


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    Jelen at Stockbridge do such week-ends or any other combination of days to suit you.
    They have good ground and there is every chance of fulfilling your portfolio.
    Good luck, oh I nearly forgot, it isn't cheap but worth every penny.

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    try and pm joe phillip on here he does weekends hes a bit of a trek for you in the scots borders but hes got good ground
    atb tom

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    I too was looking at the BDS thing a couple of months ago. It is indeed gone now. Watching with interest.

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    I would also recommend joe Philip ,I did my level 2 with him and ,it will be a bit of a trek for you but well worth it .atb Jason

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    +1 for Joe Philip. He will do his best to help you out.

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    Jelen can also point you in the right direction for B&B so if you wanted to make a week-end of it you would almost certainly get your quota required for the portfolio.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. anyone has contact details for Jelen and Joe Philip?

    Thanks again


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    01264 811155 is the office at jelen great outfit, i did my level 2 there great set up and b & b very local. Ask to speak to mike let him know charlie from cornwall passed his details on also his mobile is 07707118612 they have fallow roe and muntjac available

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