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Thread: Mauser M12 Optic Mounts?

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    Mauser M12 Optic Mounts?

    Hi All,

    Just purchased an M12 Extreme in 308 and now I'm on the search for mounts! Thought I'd ask here to see if anyone could give me advise about which to go for or which too avoid!

    Haven't purchased a new scope yet but I've my eyes on something with a 50 or 56mm objective.

    Ideally I'd like QR as I don't have that much space in the safe. I've seen Mauser's own hexalock scope rings but they seem to come in one height and they look pretty high in any promo images I've seen!

    So of you guys running Mauser's what's your setup?

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    I had reckangel bases and leupold qr rings on mine

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    Thanks Topscots1, been looking at Reckangel. Was it their 2 part bases you used?

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