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Thread: Bitch in season times?

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    Bitch in season times?

    Can bitches change coming in season frequency?
    I have a Weimaraner bitch 2 years 8 months old.
    Born March 2014
    1st season March 2015
    2nd season September 2015
    3rd season March/April 2016
    Was expecting October this year but nothing yet?
    She is a very dominant bitch often cocks her leg to pee rather than squat
    If that has any bearing

    Only had a couple of bitches before (not counting ex wife) and they were both regular to within a couple of weeks.
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    Simple answer is yes. Some however have a very "quiet" season so they appear to go to once a year. Shouldn't affect fertility, but if you are not breeding from her, irregular seasons increase the risk of a pyometra, so spaying has to be considered.

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    Thanks for that Buchan, not sure yet if I intend to breed from her or not

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