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Thread: Police Scotland French St Office

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    Police Scotland French St Office

    Just had a variation completed in a week to change for a new 223 and mod. Also updated my EFP at the same time.

    Excellent service which I have always had on variations.

    I think we are quite lucky when I hear stories from some Southern Regions.

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    They did a one for one variation while I waited superb service , only down side is parking is a nightmare

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    So what of the apparent ruling from Police HQ that all variations must take 16 weeks?

    Which city is French Street?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck View Post
    When did you get this done? In the last few weeks?

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    Yeah I was told 12 weeks for my last and took about that for a very simple variation and that was after it was bounced up to inverness and back.When it comes to police Strathclyde it seems policing is down how the old Strathclyde did it no questions allowed however when it comes to firearms licensing Strathclyde area seems to get a much better service.

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    Mine took 4 weeks. from Stirling... not bad

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    I got a like for like at Fettes in 5 days .

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    Mungo this was all done with the last two weeks. A lady called Marion contacted me to clarify one point on a recent rifle sale and it was a done job three days later.

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    I was in at French street to get a rifle added to my EFP, called on Friday to see what was needed and it was ready to pick up on Monday morning. as good if not better than the hole in the wall at Pitt street.

    100% agree on the parking had to park about 300 yards away and walk.

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