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Thread: New Stalking Boots, Big Size!

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    New Stalking Boots, Big Size!

    Hi Guys,

    Im nearly in my fourth year of stalking (total newbie) and ive had to put up with uncomfortable wellies untill now, im looking to get a good pair of stalking boots for september but my only problem is im a size 15, finding wellies and trainers is ok but its impossible to get a good pair in the shops here and im not sure what to buy online so i would appreciate the help if anyone has had this problem, all i want is a quality strong boot that will last a few seasons on all terrain, mostly rough, and stay waterproof, a bit of comfort would be nice too ...


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    Have a look at

    The guy who runs this business Hamish, is really good to deal with and if it is at all possible to source a pair in that size I am sure he will. Just for your info, I have always bought Meindl (5 or 6 pairs anyway) but this year tried a pair of his no scratch Diotto made boots. So comfortable from the off and I know of several hill stalkers now using them with nothing but good reports. He orders this boot in large numbers from the factory in Italy so he may manage to sort something out by way of a special order. Worth a call anyway.

    He actually has Meindl Island pro XL boots advertised in UK sizes 13-17
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    Dito the Diotto.

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    Thats great lads, cheers! I think il get in touch and get the meindl island pro xl for the next order, its a great relief they have the sizes.

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    How good are those Diotto boots ? Are they more flexible than a Meindl Island Pro ?

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    It's always a risk buying footwear by mail but you'll find a selection of larger sizes at Cabelas but find yourself a good size conversion chart first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hales Smut View Post
    How good are those Diotto boots ? Are they more flexible than a Meindl Island Pro ?
    I have only owned the Diotto boots since January so they will not really be tested properly until the end of the stags/start of the hinds. However, they needed no breaking-in and were superbly comfortable from day 1. As I said, Blackislander sell lots of them now at apparently a ratio of about 5 to 1 in their favour over the Meindl's and I have no reason to disbelieve Hamish having dealt with him for years. He is based near Inverness (Scottish Highlands) so they really will be getting a thorough workout with the hill keepers up there. I still like Meindl, just fancied a change this time.

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    I found Diotto's very narrow fitting and as bendy as wellies, I sent my pair back.
    Lundhags are the best boots I've ever had, got my first pair in '87, the square toe ones, I've got a pair of Pro' High ones and love them to bits, light as a feather, comfy right out of the box and totally waterproof, Lundhags will make you a size 15, look after them and they'll still be going strong long after any gore-tex lined boots have fell to bits.........even the good ones. I was still wearing my first pair for butt building and heather burning untill about 3/4 years ago!!!!!!
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    I like a boot that is comfortable from day 1. No breaking in time and not to stiff around the ankle. I had a pair of Aigle leather boots for years. The best and most comfortable boots you could wish for. Also light in weight. I used them till the soles(vibram) had holes.

    Grouse Keeper. how about that stitching between the rubber foot and the leather leg with a lundhag boot. Never water through this stitching?? More supple than a Meindl boot ?

    I never bought clothing or footwear by postorder. What size ? I found out that all the shoes/boots that fit perfectly have about the same sized insoles. When you take them out and compare them they are 99% the same. Could this be an indication for postorder ????
    If you have a reliable man who sells and you could sent him an insole of a perfectly fitting boot, he could sent you the size of boot with the same sized insole.

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    Forgot to mention Altberg...they'll make you whatever you want. Coppers swear by them.

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